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SPITFIRE MUSIC | Release Date: September 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

Track List: Mexico | Evil | Looking for the One | Empty Heart | Make the Best of It | Something I Said | Get Up, Get Ready | With You and I | Sleep | My Time | Midnight Moses | Devil out of Time | Critical


"If you ever thought that you would never hear a truly great rock album again here it is, open your ears and just let it sweep over you..."

A lot has changed in The Dead Daisies camp since their formation, but it’s undoubtedly the change of vocalists, with Jon Stevens being replaced by John Corabi, has the biggest bearing on ‘Revolucion’: the stunning new album from the Australian/US combo.
The album contains a number of songs penned by the band with former singer Jon Stevens  but most notable is the succulent  first single ‘Mexico’ whose hard groove and abandon is exactly what The Dead Daisies can be: a glorious outpouring of all the best Rock music has to offer through the decades. It’s a serious song, and as an introduction to the vocals of John Corabi, couldn’t be better.

On that ‘difficult second album’ the second song selection is always critical and the fact that it’s a cover of ‘Evil’ the Willie Dixon standard made famous by Howlin’ Wolf, and tellingly covered by The Faces, is just perfect. Always a great song, The Dead Daisies gives it all they have and end up recapturing the real fire in the belly of the original. It’s flawless classic Rock that can’t fail to move you.

After a multiple plays of ‘Revolucion’ you realise that this is not just a great album, it’s the kindling of a rock revival that never lets up. I mean after a start as good as the pairing of ‘Mexico’ and ‘Evil’ any band could be forgiven for taking the foot off the pedal and going through the motions just a little, but it never happens here, and despite the highs of the debut album, ‘Revolucion’ goes one better.   

Next up, ‘Looking For the One’ again rides the blues, with more swagger and refinement than the abandon of ‘Evil’ and a huge hook to ponder, it’s a song that reminds me, as the Daisies do somewhat, of that fine eighties rock band Little Caesar, who were unkindly buried by Geffen in the wake of Guns N Roses.

‘Empty Heart’ though is the song that many Australian fans will be looking forward to, featuring as it does Jimmy Barnes (Solo, Cold Chisel). Now Jimmy may not be as big a global ‘name’ as Slash was on the debut album (featuring on ‘Lock N Load’) but the song itself is a huge soulful mid-paced stadium rock anthem you could imagine lighting up the radio in the eighties.

One thing you have to say about the Dead Daisies is that when these guys do something they do it very well indeed, whether it be the Barnsey-fueled belter, or the piano-led hard rocker ‘Make the Best of It’ which certainly saunters into Deep Purple/Whitesnake territory in a very satisfying way. But best of all are tracks like the stunning ‘Something I Said’ which sees the band start off evoking The Faces (that solo is pure Ronnie Wood and that piano had me instantly picturing the great Ian McLagan)  and ending up channeling some inner Zeppelin, damn I didn’t think they did such sweet rhythm and blues  these days! It’s a song that where the band just mesh perfectly and Corabi’s voice goes from sweet to gravel with the flash of a chord.   

After that epic track ‘Get Up Get Ready’ gets all funky, but the funkiness melts into a sweeping bridge before a harder chorus kick in and seals the deal; and ‘With You And’ reminds me a little of Lenny Kravitz as far as the opening riff goes and offers some killer guitar.

The huge, grand, Beatles-like ballad ‘Sleep’ that follows shows exactly what Corabi can bring to this band – it’s the only song here, with the exception of the song Barnsey brought to the table, not penned along with the rest of the band and you can see why it was invited to the party, it’s the last dance with the lights low and adds yet another facet to the sound.

The album closes strongly too with the sure footed hard rocking ‘My Time’ and the cover of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s  ‘Midnight Moses’ taking us into harder territory again, both keep up the quality as does ‘Devil Out of Time’ replete with its smokin’ chorus and frenetic pace.

The three heavier numbers set up the closer perfectly: ‘Critical’ will be the favourite of a lot of people I’m sure, with its sweeping piano, soaring guitars, solid backbone and great vocals. it’s the sort of song that when you hear it first after an album as great as this has been; you not only wonder how far these guys can take this, but you also hear the ghosts of all the great rock bands that have gone before, tapping a foot and nodding in appreciation.    

Surely the album of the year so far…




by Mark Rockpit


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