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Minus Two Zebra | Release Date: October 9 2015


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Savage may not be one of the most remembered or revered names to emerge from the influential NWOBHM movement, but in retrospect surely they should be regarded as one of the very best? Don’t believe us? Take a listen to their debut album ‘Loose ‘N Lethal’ or the similarly titled and covered bonus disc to this new release titled ‘Live ‘N Lethal’ which contains that album played in full.

Folding in 1986 after an almost as good second release in ‘Hyperactive’ and reforming in the 90’s Savage was always consistent and always stuck to their guns even when Metal became as unfashionable as hipster beards will surely become in the very near future. Classic Metal it was, and classic Metal it still is and to be honest we’re more than happy. Savage was one of the few Metal bands that didn’t bend and who haven’t tried to radically alter their sound to this day and in 2015 that sounds like a breath of fresh air.

The latest era of the band began back in 2012 with the rather essential ‘Sons of Malice’ when we first interviewed the band (check the archives it’s a great read!) and this year ‘7’ builds upon that solid ground. It’s still real, still in your face, still NWOBHM vintage Metal and its sounds damned good. May bands of course don’t get way with doing this because they either weren’t there at the time or don’t have the chops, Savage lack neither – their trademark bone-crunching riffs are still there, the great rhythm section is intact, the solos still fire and there’s the same inimitable vocals and lyrics.

There’s a lot for a Metal fan to love here from opening salvo ‘I Am the Law’ and ‘Lock N Load’    to the sheer pace and speed of ‘Speed Feak’ and ‘Shake the Tree’ and the more melodic ‘Super Spy’ and ‘Heads Will Roll’.  

It’s all good but the standout tracks for us are where they do it a bit differently and in a swoop broadening the scope and appeal of an already quite remarkable listen – from the Dio meets vintage Whitesnake of ‘Children of the Night’ to the lengthiest track here – the sweeping ballad ‘Road to Avalon’ Savage show their depth.  

As a bonus the band recorded ‘Live N Lethal’ a play on the 1983 debut album’s title last year and containing that album in its entirety and more. It’s an incredible ‘clean’ sounding live album but that actually really suits the material well. It’s a great bonus and great to hear the band in such fine form.

They do make ‘em like they used to, and you know what it’s just as good as it was back then. It’s not often you can say that about bands of this vintage’s latest release, or come to think of it many releases at all these days. Savage just still has that something that most have either lost or never had – true Metal souls.



by Mark Rockpit




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