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FRET 12 RECORDS | Release Date: June 9th 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

Track Listing: Radical Change | Flying Monkeys | Cauterize | Arm Yourself | Dark Trip | Another Heart | Fall Again | Tie The Noose | Sympathy | Providence

Seeing Tremonti live just a few weeks back there’s a certain level of anticipation over here at The Rockpit about ‘Cauterize’, Tremonti’s second solo release. Now depending where you come in with Mark Tremonti – as a Creed fan, an Alter Bridge fan or via his incendiary first solo release a few years back your perceptions and hopes may be colored somewhat and that’s not a bad thing, you just have to realize that this is the arena where he just gets to go for it and play what he likes without regard for any past glories.

The best news of course is if you like this release then a second new release ‘Dust’ will be on the way very shortly, both albums were written after the release of Alter Bridge’s ‘Fortress’ in 2014. If ‘Dust’ is anything like ‘Cauterize’ then we are in for a treat.

Starting out with the two tunes we’ve already heard – the speedfest ‘Radical Change’ and the equally heavy and rather magnificent ‘Flying Monkeys’ (which is our favorite after repeated listens) the album starts rather well!  It’s certainly not a case of less is more as you are pummeled into immediate submission by the opening track’s Speed Metal heart, with its rousing verses, breakdown and rather laid back anthemic chorus; before ‘Flying Monkeys’ chugs like a steam-powered juggernaut into the heart of your brain riding the best riff here.

‘Cauterize’ immediately picks up the pace again before a soaring chorus and mellow breakdown and close; whilst ‘Arm Yourself’ starts out with bluster and develops into a rousing fist-pumper. Another standout ‘Dark Trip’ channels all of Tremonti’s torment into a fiery mid-paced thoughtful piece with some wonderful guitar.

The second half of the album follows similar lyrically dark themes and is balanced beautifully between introspection and fight. Single ‘Another Heart’ is one of the strongest lyrical statements on the album dealing with people we all know and have in our lives and would rather not. It’s also the song that shows the power of Tremonti’s vocals.

The album rounds out with the soaring ‘Fall Again’; the aggressive stomp of ‘Tie the Noose’ and the surely next radio single ‘Sympathy’ even if just for the chorus; before the beautifully constructed ‘Providence’ rounds out what is rather fine collection.
Eclectic, challenging and ultimately uplifting, despite the dark themes it deals with, ‘Cauterize’ is highly recommended listening.



by Mark Rockpit


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