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SOCIAL FAMILY RECORDS | Release Date: July 24 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

Suze DeMarchi started out as a solo artist before The Baby Animals brought her to worldwide attention, and after a few years back in Australia she is set to release her second solo album, fittingly titled ‘Home’. The album is made up of covers by artists as diverse as Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Clash, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Box Tops, Sheryl Crow, Adele, Ryan Adams, Dionne Warwick – and all songs take the theme of ‘Home’…

It’s interesting to start with such a familiar song, but DeMarchi’s treatment of the powerful Crosby Stills and Nash original takes the essence of that sweeping love song and rocks it up with some great musical backing, and it works beautifully without tarnishing the soul of the original song and is given added texture by a fine co-vocal from Russell Morris. It’s just what you want from a cover – respect for the song and a fine soulful treatment. To me it’s always been a song that is about how simple love can be and it’s great to hear such a fine recording.

‘Come Home’ that follows takes up the theme of home and familiarity and runs with it, it’s a beautifully constructed, delicate, deliberate and warming version of Ryan Adams original. Spilling with sweet melodies and beautiful instrumentation it immediately makes you want to dig deeper.

When you do you are immediately rewarded by the ‘West Coast’ version of the tile track – ‘Home’ a dreamy crumpled sweetly soaring composition originally recorded by Sheryl Crow that is such a contrast to the, aggressive at times, last outing by the Baby Animals it feels like so much more than a channeling of positive energy, it’s an affirmation of all that is good and all that can be in life.

Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory’ that follows loses a little edge for me, never a fan of the relatively recent original it fits and again its treated beautifully but like Bastille’s ‘Get Home’ that follows it doesn’t quite gel as the opening songs did. Of course those with a little fewer years on the clock might disagree!

Home (East Coast Version) is actually a different song to the ‘West Coast version’ originally by Phillip Phillips – it’s a dreamier interpretation of his strummed original that works so well.

‘The Letter’ which features Tex Perkins, as you might expect changes things up a bit – a jangly guitar, drums and country sway and Suze’s sweet vocal set against Tex grating drawl work beautifully together. The song is of course the ‘Box Tops’ original (don’t you just love Alex Chilton!) famously covered by Joe Cocker amongst others and this is a worthy version if not quite up there with those two iconic interpretations.

‘The House is Rockin’’ with Jimmy Barnes and Diesel guesting on the Stevie Ray Vaughn number, changes it up again with some even earthier Rock and Roll and that rocking theme continues with one of our favourites - the cover of ‘The Clash’s classic ‘Safe European Home’ the best song from ‘Give ‘Em Enough Rope’. Here it gets a suitably raucous treatment from Suze and Dallas Frasca.

The album closes with the mournful ‘Homeless’ featuring Mick Skelton and song that sits rather out of kilter with the rest of the album those which thematically fits here perfectly and as it ebbs and flows with the simple lyric makes you sit up and think.
The album, for a covers album, works beautifully well, starting off slow and ending up rocking the foundations before it ends in contemplation. As a selection of artists to cover it’s also mice and diverse and allows Suze to add her own inimitable style to proceedings along with some great guest musicians.

The Collector’s edition adds a version of Gabrielle Alpin’s ‘Home’ a dreamy takes on another beautiful song featuring Shane Nicholson.



by Mark Rockpit


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