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Soulfly Archangel – Review

Release Date: August 14th 2015

It's album number 10 for Soulfly with "Archangel", a somewhat heavier approach than previous efforts and while it took me a few listens to actually dig the album, it got there eventually and found that it's a more streamlined album than more recent efforts. But what maybe was missed on the first listen was that the main ingredients of what Soulfly has always been about is still there even though this is a far departure from their earlier work.


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Before we get into the music side of things, it has to be said that the album cover has got to be one of the best pieces of artwork for an album that I have ever seen. While it's not overly complex, it's a great piece of art and something that really stands out. On the music front, the album as a whole seems inspired greatly by the more extreme forms of metal, death and grindcore in particular. While this is clearly not any of those in a nutshell, the songs easily have a more aggressive tone than previous efforts, certaintly more than the last album "Savages". Tracks like the opener "We Sold Our Souls To Metal" is a fairly relentless song despite the wierd melodic part that ends it, while "Deceiver" runs along the same line in an even more heavier way. But where Soulfly really shine is on the more groove oriented tracks like the title track which has a cool little funk beat to kick things off before the song really takes off. "Ishtar Rising" is definitely a highlight and one of my favorites with a very catchy beat and a headbanging riff that would surely go over well in a live setting. My absolute favorite track though has to be "Titans" which reminds me a little of the "Dark Ages"/"Conquer" stuff which still to this day is probably the better Soulfly era. It's difficult to not be attracted to a groove like that and Soulfly are one of the best at doing that.

There are several guest appearances on the album as is usually the case on a Soulfly record but most notable for the Aussies is King Parrot maniac and vocalist Matt "Youngy" Young who sings on "Live Life Hard". King Parrot this track is not but still a great track that again focuses more on the groove aspect. Todd Jones from Nails joins the band on "Sodomites" which is probably the closest thing to old Soulfly that you will hear on this record while the final track "Mother Of Dragons" which is a thrashier piece, features none other than Cavalera family members Richie and Igor Jr along with Anahid from M.O.P.

While it may seem like a somewhat diverse record with the death metal inspired tracks, the groove mid-tempo stuff and the thrashier songs mixed in there, "Archangel" is really a more streamlined record but at the same time, a very aggressive record as well. It may be a hit and miss for some fans and will probably take a few listens to really grab your attention but hardcore Soulfly fanatics may be able to get past a lot of the elements that may distract the average listener and really see this album as Soulfly at it's heart.

We Sold Our Souls To Metal
Ishtar Rising
Live Life Hard!
Bethlehems Blood
Mother Of Dragons

Review by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie