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SLASH "Live at the Roxy 25.9.14"
SHOCK ENTERTAINMENT | Release Date: June 16 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

"Live at the Roxy 25.9.14" track listing: Ghost | Nightrain | Back from Cali | You Could Be Mine | Rocket Queen | Bent to Fly | Starlight | You're A Lie | World on Fire | Anastasia | Sweet Child O' Mine | Slither | Paradise City
Additional tracks: Stone Blind | You're Crazy | Wicked Stone | 30 Years to Life

There are so few instantly recognizable Rock icons these days that many of those that survive do so on rose-tinted memories of glory days and a simple retreading of the past to ever decreasing returns; whilst others stand their ground and give us everything but what we want. Thankfully there is Slash, who wears the weight of the legacy of his time with The Gunners better and better as each year goes by and who seems to have found a perfect musical match in Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Slash and co, indeed, are in the ascendancy musically at the moment with this year’s ‘World on Fire’ continuing their trajectory upwards, with each release bettering the last.

Of course that’s all well and good but how do they sound ‘live’ – the simple answer is “better and better each year", and having seen them play the opening date of their ‘World On Fire’ US Tour a few weeks back I can personally attest that this is the best we have seen of the band so far, and on Live at the Roxy’ you get the proof to keep.

Returning to the Sunset Strip venue that of course saw Guns ‘n’ Roses tread the boards back in the day is a cool touch that seems to underline how comfortable Slash is now with his musical past, and with Kennedy, Kerns, Fitz and touring guitarist Frank Sidoris in tow he has a band that does far more than just get the job done. Recorded just after the release of ‘World in Fire’ the set varies a little from what he’s currently out on the road with which is great for fans in that the band interchange a lot of the new material (available here as bonus tracks). The most notable difference though is that currently the strong opener here ‘Ghost’ is out of the set replaced by the equally strong ‘You’re a Lie’ which is one of the highlights of this DVD.

Of course the obligatory Guns ‘n’ Roses boxes are ticked with some great performances of Gunners classics but the core of the set is the real reason why this DVD is so special: the tracks from the pivotal ‘World on Fire’ through ‘Anastasia’; ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’; Velvet Revolver’s ‘Slither’ and ‘Paradise City’ really capture the strength of the band at this point in time – it’s a blend of old and new that seems to sum up Slash’s career with the best of the new material sitting so comfortably with the classics. Interestingly it’s also the part of his touring set that never wavers.

Of course there are a host more highlights to cherry pick – ‘Rocket Queen’ contains a great solo from the main-man and of course ‘Paradise City’ brings home the bacon; but it’s the little gems like a rare appearance of ‘You’re Crazy’ and a great version of the little played ‘Starlight’ that also stick out.

Over the years Slash has never been far from the news normally speculation over will the Gunners ever reform, but over that time he’s also built up a remarkable body of work and over the last few years you could easily argue is having the best run of his career. This DVD shows the man at the peak of his powers and is absolutely essential.


You can win a copy of the DVD and Blu-ray (we have three of each to give away) by simply leaving a comment on this review – winners will be drawn at random and copies posted out to get to you on June 16.

The new live DVD/Double CD/Triple vinyl set, will be released in Australia by Shock Entertainment on June 16.




by Mark Rockpit

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