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TARGET RECORDS | Release Date: August 28 2015


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There couldn’t be a more fitting name for an album these days by Mike Tramp than ’Nomad’ every time you see him on social media he seems on be on tour in some part of the world.  Of course those that have followed Tramp through the eighties and nineties to today will be well aware of his musical evolution. From front-man for the hugely popular eighties rockers White Lion, through the harder rocking Freak of Nature into the 2000’s as an at first electric solo-artist to the last few years as a largely acoustic performer. And not forgetting of course his stints fronting a rekindled White Lion and his Rock N Roll Circuz.
‘Nomad’ sees Tramp electrified again for the final instalment in a trilogy of albums that started with ‘Cobblestone Street’ in 2013 and ‘Museum’ a year later. ‘Nomad’ is the rounding out of that voyage of discovery, and it’s clearly been a journey where his vision of who he is today has crystalized.

Stylistically aside from the plugging in and bringing together a band again ‘Nomad’ offers more of the wonderful storytelling Tramp has become known for over the last few years. With a full band in the studio there is a depth here that is refreshing and rewarding. Opening track ‘Give It All You Got’ is indisputably Mike Tramp music, a vaguely Country-tinged Tom Petty like tale of hope against the odds. It’s a song whose eternal themes resonate like all the best songs do.

‘Wait Till Forever’ has more of a swagger and a wonderfully melodic refrain and riff that sticks with you; and ‘Counting the Hours’ sweeps in through the speakers on the back of a great melody. It’s a great start to the album and the electric treatment serves the songs well, adding far more depth, whilst not overwhelming the vocals or more importantly the lyrics.    

One of our highlights after a few listens nestles mid album: the cautionary ‘High Like a Mountain’ rides the back of a simple riff and sweeping melody and tracks the escalation of addiction in the wake of hopelessness. It’s subject matter that Tramp treats with care rather than simply preaching. ‘No More’ comes across as more personal – the tale of life in a crazy mixed up World. It’s such a fine song you can’t help but imagine it served up live.

The uplifting and catchy ‘Stay’ gives way to the even stronger ‘Who Can You Believe’ which has a bit more bite to it but benefits from another great melody, some nice swirling keys and a cool riff to make it another stand-out on what is a remarkably consistent album. The album closes out well too with two of the best: ‘Live to Tell’ a story of brotherhood and lost friendship, of loss and a bitter-sweet redemption of sorts and ‘Moving On’ a sister-song that is simply about life – it may well be the most memorable here and as such is the most fitting way to draw a close on the trilogy, but not the journey.

The big question of course is where does Tramp’s journey take him and us the listeners next?

Catch Mike Tramp with special guests – "Lucer" on their European tour, in late summer taking them to Denmark, Germany, Sweden, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, France and Switzerland.



by Mark Rockpit

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