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FRONTIERS RECORDS | Release Date: July 3 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

Tracklisting: This Love Our Paradise; Isolated Man; Sunshine Over Me; Still Need You In My Arms; Written In Fire; Take Me To The Limit; Love Will Tear Us Apart; No Man's Land; Frozen In Time; Monkey House; Ride Out The Storm; Who Do You Run To.

In the early 90’s Baton Rouge proved that like a handful of contemporaries had they appeared on the scene a little earlier then they might be mentioned in the same breath as some of the best Hard Rock bands of the late eighties. Of course the onset of grunge more or less sealed their fate, but we were left with a body of work that even years later when I saw them at Rocklahoma 2009 sounded exceptional.

Over the years vocalist Kelly Keeling has lent his voice to many bands including the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and also lesser known acts like O’2L and Heaven and Earth; and while a reformation of Baton Rouge never eventuated he released his first solo album in 2005. ‘Mind Radio’ is Kelly’s second solo release and recorded in collaboration with Italian songwriter/Producer Alessandro Del Vecchio.

The first thing that hits you about ‘Mind Radio’ is the richness of Keeling’s vocals which immediately shine on opening track ‘This Love is Our Paradise’ a solid Melodic Rock belter that allow the vocals to dominate. The gentler ‘Isolated Man’ ploughs similar fertile territory and slips down just as well.  Both are rousing Melodic Rockers that set the tempo for the album.

It’s the groove-laden ‘Sunshine Over Me’ though that adds real texture, injecting a bit of Blues, and some great guitar to the mix, both of which work beautifully with Keeling’s voice. It’s an early standout, and followed by the lighter, yet pacey AOR of ‘Still Need You In My Arms’; which bursts out of the speakers with all the assuredness of Journey at their best and a killer chorus; it seems like the album is still on an upwards trajectory!

If you are wondering where we go next then ‘Written in Fire’ retains the Melody but adds heavier guitars and proceeds to Rock out; ‘Take Me To the Limit’ adds a slick swagger and sheen and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ has a great vibe, with stripped back guitars and a huge sound.       

The only slight blip for us is ‘No Man’s Land’ which comes across a bit formulaic; but that is more than made up by the roaring ‘Monkey House’ and when you add to that the soaring ‘Frozen in Time’ and the huge-sounding anthem ‘Ride the Storm’; as well as the harder-edged closer ‘Who Do You Run To’ (another of our favorites) you have an album of real class.

The only slight disappointment is that we don’t see too much of a Bluesier nature – a style which seems to suit Keeling’s voice well, and here works so well on ‘Sunshine Over Me’. ‘Mind Radio’ is a great Melodic Rock release from one of the best and most underappreciated voices in rock.


Kelly Keeling - lead vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards, backing vocals
Mario Percudani - electric and acoustic guitars
Anna Portalupi - bass, fretless bass
Alessandro Mori - drums

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio



by Mark Rockpit


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