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TANZAN MUSIC | Release Date: June 29 2015


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It seems so very long since Hungryheart released their last album: 2010’s ‘One Ticket to Paradise’ and whilst in the intervening years the members have all been very active with guest slots, solo albums and the like, at The Rockpit we’ve always been waiting for the next one to drop. Well it’s finally here and as we’d hoped for it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Whilst Hungryheart’s 2008 debut led us on a decidedly 80’s US Rock path, by 2010’s ‘One Ticket…’ the sounder was slicker and even more melodic even leaning towards AOR. ‘Dirty Italian Job’ is pretty much the best of both worlds – click 80’s tinted Melodic Hard Rock or real quality.

Both openers ‘There is a Reason For Everything’ and ‘Back to the Real Life’ say it all really – vocals; brimming with attitude, great guitars, solid backline and songs made to sing along to. These are songs that evoke that feeling of more innocent times when you could cruise to the coast with the top down and a girl in your arms, before Rock got all serious and self-obsessed and well, let’s face it rather dreary…  These are songs to make you smile.

There is a little more pure AOR coming through on tracks like ‘Shoreline’ and the gentle acoustic-led and beautifully building ballad ‘Nothing But You’. As you dig deeper ‘Devil’s Got My Number’ adds an almost jazzy groove; and the sure-footed Hard Rock of ‘Bad Love’ jumps right out at you.

If you love all things 80’s Rock then power ballad ‘Second Hand Love’ has that slightly smoky Southern flavor and a ‘Thunder’ vibe; it’s certainly one of our favorites here. ‘Time For Letting Go’ that follows has a rolling groove and some lively guitar that lead a lively Melodic romp that you never quite think is going to get there until you find you can’t get it out of your head hours later. ‘Right Now’ leads with guitar, an altogether funkier work that bursts into melody to end up sounding like if Hagar-era Van Halen met the Electric Boys.      

The biggest songs of all those are left for last – starting with the masterful slower number ‘You Can Run’ which ticks all the boxes you’d want from a slow-burning 80’s rock anthem. After that hit there’s the frenetic ‘Rock Steady’ – a solid rocker with a melodic heart that raises the pulse again and looks back to those early eighties days when things were simpler still. The final word though here is ‘All Over Again’ a summer nights gem – slow and deliberate with a huge refrain and great melodies, for us it’s almost the song of the album, were it not for ‘You Can Run’ but it certainly shows as we’ve always known at The Rockpit that these guys know how to write a damned fine rock song.  

It’s been too long since we heard from these crazy Italians but it’s always more than worth it when we do.  



by Mark Rockpit


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