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SONY MUSIC| Release Date: August 14 2015


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An aptly titled album ‘Venom’… If you thought that Bullet For My Valentine was the kind of band to play it safe then think again, August 14th’s release of new album ‘Venom’ sees the band pushing their boundaries with fangs bared…


Think about everything you love about BFMV and then up it all a notch, add more aggression, more complex arrangements and song-writing taken to a new level and you only just scratch the surface. Take the opening onslaught of ‘V/No Way Out’ much as I normally hate intros being tagged as songs ‘V’ bubbles and bristles almost with a final subdued scream that opens the gates to the barrage of ‘No Way Out’ a song that exemplifies all that is good and great about the band. Don’t take our word for it though – just dial it up and listen – it’s the culmination of all this band is and can be: aggression and melody working together in devilish harmony.


As Tuck tells it:  “To write this track I had to put myself into a very dark place, a place I hadn't been to for a while mentally because of how my life is now, compared to what it was before the band exploded,” Tuck adds. “It is one of, if not the heaviest tracks we've ever recorded musically and lyrically. I've lived with it for a while now but still every time I hear it, it gives me chills. Hold on tight it's a hell of a ride.”


And that is only the beginning…  ‘Army of Noise’ screams with the insistency of old school Metal  and the inhuman thrust of the best of modern Metal, it’s irrefutable and undeniable and completely infectious and when the guitar bursts forth in the solo you know that this album just could be the culmination of everything Thrash and Metal saw in their darkest dreams.


There’s nowhere to rest though as ‘Worthless’ transubstantiates pain in a cauldron of spite and bitterness before flying sky high on the back of dark melodies and an ethereal breakdown. ‘You Want a Battle’ opens with an affirming chant and extended riff before dropping down to cooler territories and riding a deceptively melodic refrain before the dagger screams and strikes through the darkness. It’s a song that displays perfectly how you can channel such energy to create a weapon – an almost call to arms for a generation of the underappreciated and despised.


‘Broken’ is simply fierce, unrelenting and shattering with dark dirty vocals set against the most uplifting refrain here, and buoyed by a thrusting riff and infernal drums before a dagger sharp solo that shreds it all to pieces that are picked up again and shattered a second time. The title track itself, nestled in the heart of the album creeps up on you stealthily, smothering you in sweet vocals before a similarly melodic refrain buries itself in your head and nods towards a the possibility of infiltrating mainstream radio. It’s the song that both waters down the aggression and suggests the thin edge of a dark wedge.


The scream of ‘The Harder the heart’ treads the middle ground of brutality and acceptance, with a lush enough refrain to not scare the children but still with that simmering malcontent barely simmering beneath the surface.        


On an album where the quality never dips ‘Skin’ is the song that shines brightest brimming with soaring melody and old school riffs it shows a band at the top of their creative powers, unafraid and unfettered it brims with everything that is so special about ‘Venom’  : unafraid and unbowed.


On an album you wish would never end ‘Hell or High Water’ and Pariah’ impossibly push further still. The former - a mass of seething and suppressed anger is bigger and bolder and the most inescapable of all with surging melody fighting against an irrepressible Metallic heart that crystalizes in a breakdown that shouts ‘circular mosh’. Closer ‘Pariah’ seeks to summarize the case for the prosecution with a huge riff, aggressive vocal, searing melodies and inescapable refrain – it’s not often an album closes as huge as it began.  BFMV is back bigger, bolder and more intense than ever.


We will leave you with the press release…


In addition to the news of the upcoming record, Bullet For My Valentine has also announced they’ve recruited fellow Welsh musician Jamie Mathias to join the band as their new bass player and backup vocalist.


Bullet For My Valentine will head to South America in July for a headlining tour with support from Motionless In White before joining up with Slipknot and Lamb of God for this summer’s loudest North American tour. Tour dates are listed below and tickets are on sale now at


A limited edition VENOM package will be available exclusively through Bullet For My Valentine’s web store. This bundle includes CD, vinyl and cassette versions of VENOM, as well as custom t-shirt, bracelet and necklace. All purchases will include a pre-sale code for early access to tickets for their 2016 headlining tour. CLICK HERE to pre-order now. Find complete album track listing below.


VENOM track listing: 1. V (1:26) | 2. No Way Out (3:53) | 3. Army of Noise (4:18) | 4. Worthless (3:18) | 5. You Want a Battle? (Here's a War) (4:14) | 6. Broken (3:39) | 7. Venom (3:54) | 8. The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks) (4:00) | 9. Skin (3:59) | 10. Hell or High Water (4:36) | 11. Pariah (3:47) 


Deluxe Tracks 12. Playing God (3:52) | 13. Run For Your Life (3:34) | 14. In Loving Memory (Demo Version) (4:02) | 15. Raising Hell (4:35) 




by Mark Rockpit


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