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F-BOMB RECORDS / CAROLINE INTERNATIONAL | Release Date: August 21st 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

‘Bring it on back’ the lead single from Buckcherry’s 7th studio release ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is typical of the band – full of piss and vinegar, a loud obnoxious slab of in your face Rock and Roll and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Out on August 21st via F-Bomb Records/Caroline AustraliaRock ‘n’ Roll’ isquite probably everything you could hope from the band at this point in their career – honest dirty rock with the occasional ear to the mainstream, but mainly big dirty choruses and lots of loud guitars.

Having said that there’s something more here, the real funky horn-laden groove of ‘Tight Pants’ has the swagger of the Stones and the retro-hit of Primal Scream doing what they did best. It may not be the definitive article quite yet, but its damn close and a great direction to steer the ship that at points has eschewed real Rock ‘n’ Roll for a tilt at radio rock.

‘Wish to Carry on’ that follows exemplifies that more melodic modern side of the coin, but somehow this time there’s more bite here beneath the shiny coating; even ballad ‘The Feeling Never Dies’  is a cut above some of the more formulaic tilts at the mainstream. It’s almost as if Buckcherry has said ‘Fuck It’ and gone back to basics, and in doing so rediscovered something they never even knew they had lost (well maybe misplaced is a better word).

This is a great record whichever way you turn: ‘Cradle’ bursts with life and bristles; while ‘The Madness’ is a straight-forward rocker that is pure Buckcherry: made to jump up and down to. ‘Wood’ steps into Steel Panther territory and almost works but is probably too laid back in tempo to get your teeth into.  As far as surprises go ‘Rain’s Feeling’ is a slow laid back almost lounge number that both sticks out like a sore thumb and raises some intriguing possibilities.

The album closes with two of the best here: the hyper-swing and deconstructed Rock and Roll of ‘Sex Appeal’ and the new sing-along standard ‘Get With It’ both are songs that tell part of the story of Buckcherry 2015 and both are exceptional.

Buckcherry blew us away with that first album in 1999, reinvented themselves along the way, hit highs and lows along the way and here we are in 2015 with one of their finest collections to date. This is absolutely essential…

Bring It On Back,” can be viewed here:
Rock ‘n’ RollTrack List: Bring It On Back | Tight Pants | Wish To Carry On | The Feeling Never Dies | Cradle | The Madness | Wood | Rain’s Falling | Sex Appeal | Get With It
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