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Annihilator Suicide Society Review


Release Date: September 18th 2015

Annihilator Suicide Society

Annihilator are one of those bands I discovered by accident years ago when I started going into the underground scene for thrash metal. Of all the bands that are deemed underrated in the genre like Exodus and Death Angel, Annihilator were for me hugely underrated and I never quite understood why they never took off aside from their brief success in the early 90's with album's like "Set The World On Fire". Founding member and guitarist Jeff Waters is a brilliant guitar player and has all the ingredients that make a great songwriter, songs that have the hooks, the melodies and the riffs and the band's 15th studio album, "Suicide Society" is full of those traits along with a few new tricks.


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The title track starts things off and was released as the lead single a little while ago but the interesting thing about this song is that it kinda gives you a false impression of what the album is actually like. Which can be taken as a good thing as it means the album is not just a standard thrash fare but one that is pretty diverse and yet another Annihilator album that takes a little left turn from recent releases, which Annihilator have been known to do. "Suicide Society" is a somewhat political song and delves into some dark human behaviour but it's surprisingly upbeat and catchy. But if you want thrash metal, the following track "My Revenge" will be right up your alley and it's got that tight Jeff Waters riffage happening which is really a huge signature of the Annihilator sound. Funnily enough, this song's verses sound a little like "Damage Inc." from Metallica but Jeff has never shied away from his influences.

More thrash stuff can be found in tracks like "Creepin' Again" which features Jeff's new vocal range which by the sounds of it, he has been working on for some time. Whereas his vocal range was pretty much a Hetfield/Mustaine snarl on earlier albums like "King Of The Kill", on this album where he returns as main vocalist following the departure of Dave Padden, he sings with more range and high tones giving the songs even more room to stand out. It's unfortunate that Dave is no longer the singer as I had just gotten used to his voice after all these years but it's still good to see Jeff on vocal duty again. I must admit I've always liked his voice and it will be interesting to see if he stays on as singer for a while longer.

On the diversity factor, there's some different things happening on this album as well and overall, I can't help but hear a "All For You" vibe coming from it all. Not just in the dark tone of the songs but in the fact that's it's another major change for the band possibly due to Dave's impact in both arriving and leaving around these 2 albums. "Snap" has an almost acapella style intro with some melodic singing from Jeff while "Narcotic Avenue", despite being a brilliant thrashy song and showcasing some of Jeff's guitar wizardy, also has a beautiful spanish guitar solos in the outro. If I had to pick out a weak part of the album though, it's probably in "The One You Serve" where it just didn't grab my attention and lacked the hooks that Annihilator normally grab you by but that's is almost forgotten with "Death Scent" where familiar territory overcomes your senses. "Every Minute" rounds the album off with a touching ballad.

It's overall another great Annihilator album and while it's not quite as good as "Feast" and we miss the now familiar Dave Padden voice, it's good to hear Jeff's voice again on lead vocalist and there's more than enough signature Annihilator stuff to appease the fans.

Suicide Society
My Revenge
Creepin' Again
Narcotic Avenue
Break Enter
The One You Serve
Death Scent

Review by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie