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Independent | Release Date: Out Now 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

Hailing from Phoenix AZ Razer is a band that seems to have it all lined up nicely – an album of great songs, a vocalist whose voice just screams ‘Rock and Roll’ and industry vet Alan Niven (Guns ‘n’ Roses, Great White) on board, things are looking good.  The best thing though is that the music here is damned good too with a real 80’s rock vibe and great 70’s rock sensibilities and plenty of grunt, its more than enough to set them apart from the pack.


Album opener ‘Blood For Blood’ puts its best riff forward and trades moves with Power’s powerful vocals, it’s a great introduction that just leaves you waiting for more.


As well as the obvious comparisons I also hear a little of Phoenix’ own sadly departed ‘Big Cock’ in the mix here, especially on songs like ‘It’s a Mutha’ which are full of bombast and power and a little tongue-in-cheek and with a cool Gunners meets Angels vibe amongst some great guitar work. Robert Mason (Big Cock, Warrant) too is a decent reference point for vocalist Power’s voice along with Robert Plant, Chris Cornell  and Ray Gillen -  it sits somewhere in that blues-drenched territory.


The ballad ‘Into the Light’ that follows is just the right move at the right time, showcasing a vocal dripping in emotion, it’s a standout amongst some damned fine competition and is beautifully offset against the crisp groove of ‘The Last One’.  


The quality doesn’t waver as the album plays out with ‘The Things You Do’ again showcasing the symbiotic dialogue of guitar and vocal, it’s a song you can feel the pain and longing flow through like the rush of blood to a beating heart. Again the juxtaposition of the next song is perfect as the ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired ‘Ironborn’ epic rides in with guitars clashing like swords. And whilst instrumentals rarely really grab me, but ‘Scordatura’ is nice, fresh, confident and something you’ll be humming all day.


The album closes with three of the best, starting with the simple, gentle breezy ‘Better Time’ which brings to mind early Zeppelin constructions; it’s again nicely offset against the stomp of ‘The Chosen One’ which has a similar vibe to the earlier ‘The Last One’ and is just as strong. The final word goes to ‘Shattered’ an acoustic number with a lifting chorus that just inspires you to see these guys live.


Chris Catero, known best perhaps for his stint in Marty Friedman’s touring band as chief writer has done a remarkable job here and made a Rock album that will surely stand the test of time. He’s also put together a band that sound particularly inspired. With an album  cover that seems to reference Led Zep I, there’s so much to love about Razer and if these guys can capture the essence of this live, the sky is the limit..

by Mark Rockpit




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