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STEAMHAMMER / SPV | Release Date: (EU) August 28 (US) September 4 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

TRACKLISTING: CD 1 (Re-Recorded Classics) 1. Fly Fly Away 04:33 | 2. Losing You 04:08 | 3. Rollin`Thunder 04:24 | 4. Thoughts Of A Dying Man 05:58 | 5. Never Say Never 03:16 | 6. Lonely Is The Hunter 05:40 | 7. Stormchild 03:46 | 8. Heroes Die Lonely 03:37 | 9. Burning The Stage 05:35 | 10. Wait For The Night 04:21 | 11. Night Of Passion 03:52 | 12. Hearts On Fire 03:45


TRACKLISTING: CD 2 (Bonus CD “Live at Bang Your Head Festival 2014”) 1. Burning The Stage 05:23 | 2. Night Of Passion 03:53 | 3. Rolling Thunder 05:03 | 4. Wait For The Night 04:40 | 5. Lonely Is The Hunter 06:24 | 6. Never Say Never 03:52 | 7. Thoughts Of A Dying Man 06:19 | 8. Fox On The Run 06:25

I’ve always loved Mad Max – a band I discovered after being tipped off by a kindly Dutch music store owner as I purchased the first Bonfire album whilst on a day trip from the UK shopping for wine. A trip that ended up with me laden down with 40 vinyl LPs and no time to buy any wine. That day I picked up both ‘Mad Max’ and the latest release ‘Stormchild’ (It took me a dozen years to find a copy of second album ‘Rollin’ Thunder’). Sadly it was a further 23 years before I caught them live in of all places a field in Oklahoma, stood beside most of the band Bonfire as Mad Max played in a tent. It’s odd how things happen!

Needless to say this reworking of the band’s best tracks from their career which is really drawn from their first four albums produced before their initial split in 1989 is well worth looking into if you like classy hard rock driven by great guitars, melodies and a damn fine voice in Michael Voss.

The album title itself takes its name from their second, third and fourth albums – ‘Thunder’ from ‘Rollin' Thunder’; ‘Storm’ from ‘Stormchild’ and ‘Passion’ from ‘Night of Passion’. What matters though is the quality, and whilst some hate and some love the idea of re-recording classic tracks, I must admit I have to sit on the fence here – production-wise you can certainly here the difference but like old friends sometimes you just like to remember them the way they were. By and large though, the band does a great job that only on occasion feels like something is missing.

The great thing about Mad Max if you are new to the band is that they were definitely one of those unexposed gems that should have been so much bigger. Fans of 80’s Hard Rock will love discovering them and in truth those original releases are pretty hard to find.

If you want to sample them maybe start out with the melodic rock splendour of ‘Night of Passion’ or the rockers ‘Rollin’ Thunder’ and ‘Wait For the Night’ – all great rock anthems. Other highlights have to be the wonderful ‘Burning the Stage’ and the decidedly mellow ‘Hearts on Fire’. I truth though it’s 12 great tracks here to enjoy. Listen to this and you’ll see what an influence Mad Max was on some of those bigger progile acts that followed.  

The review copy we received didn’t include the bonus live album, but I’m sure that will be pretty damned good too!

CURRENT LINE-UP: Michael Voss – lead vocals, lead guitars | Jürgen Breforth – rhythm guitars | Thomas “Hutch” Bauer – bass, vocals | Axel Kruse – drums



by Mark Rockpit




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