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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
Red Fang 2015 – Review
Rosemount Hotel - Perth, Australia
May 7th 2015

The first time I saw Red Fang live was at Soundwave Festival back in 2013 but what impressed me more was their sideshow in a club setting which really captured the band's sound. Granted it was a supporting slot at the time (opening for Kyuss Lives) but it was a prelude to their first headlining tour in Australia which we were lucky enough to witness tonight. Their albums sound great but it's the live show that Red Fang well and truly shine as we saw at their first show on the tour in Perth.



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The 2 opening bands for the night were Perth locals Bayou and Chainsaw Hookers, both regulars on the Perth metal and rock scene. Both distinctive bands which funnily enough each have 2 sides of Red fang, the doomier, heavier stuff and the straight up groove/speed rock stuff so it was only fitting that they opened the show. Bayou are Perth's premier doom band and wear their Louisiana doom style influence on their sleeves very well. When they hit those low ends on some of their heavier parts, it's mesmerizing and hard to not headbang to. Chainsaw Hookers on the other hand rely more on the groove aspect with their biker rock attitude and tight riffage blended well with those catchy hooks which people really respond to when the band belts them out. You can see these bands a million times but they always put on a great show no matter what.

Red Fang literally walked through the crowd at the Rosemount Hotel to get on stage and kick off their set. It was only fitting as their fuzzy sound was heard clearly at this venue so it complemented the band perfectly, tracks like "Dirt Wizard" and "Good To Die" really taking advantage of the beautiful sound system and soundproof room. One of the highlights though had to be "Blood Like Cream" which comes off their latest album "Whales And Leeches", a seriously catchy song with the chorus line "Cut It Up" truly addictive and hooky in every way possible. But again everything comes back to the band's sound, it's one of the best things about this band. Every instrument, every drum kick, every vocal line, every bass note can be heard like a pin drop in an empty room and that makes the difference between a great show and a damn fantastic, top notch show.

The switch in lead vocals between guitarist Bryan Giles and bass player Aaron Beam is also noteworthy, the 2 styles different but effective in their own way. It's a risky thing sometimes as fans tend to identify a band by the vocal style but Red Fang pull it off very well. A couple of new songs make their entry into the set, songs which are set to appear in their upcoming album which when I spoke to guitarist David Sullivan a few weeks back, were still in the early stages of demo mode. But if these songs are anything to go by, the next album is shaping up to be on par with "Whales And Leeches" as far as quality is concerned. Melodic does come to mind when trying to describe them but the hooky riffage is still all there. "Throw Up" is another great song of the night and one that closes the show but looking at the set and their back catalogue, this band could literally pick any song to end the show and it would still serve it's purpose as a great set closer. There's just too many great songs to pick from and that's a testament to Red Fang's consistent delivery in pounding out the songs in such a great fashion. Don't miss this band when they hit your town, they are a must see!

Review by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie
Photos by Tammie Molotov - Molotov Enterprises And Photography