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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
Nucleust Anavar, Impaler, Xenobiotic Live Review 2015
with Anavar, Impaler & Xenobiotic
Amplifier Bar - Perth, Australia
August 28th 2015

Nucleust have been steadily moving forward in the almost 2 years of active live performing, with the release of an E.P. last year "Fractured Equilibrium", a tour of Indonesia earlier this year and now the release of their first music video for the single track "Faith By The Sword". As with any band serious about their music, the live show is always the real test and the Friday night video launch gig showed how serious the band really are.



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Opening the night was death metal band Anavar who were probably the most impressive act early on, brandishing streaks of Cannibal Corpse inspired old school death metal mixed with modern deathcore touches. The highlights were definitely when the band jumped onto those classic hooks and were able to keep the momentum up even during the parts that weren't necessarily to my liking. That's the sign of a good band however when you can keep the fans interested no matter what and by the end of the set, the small crowd were decidely pleased before the next band hit the stage.

Impaler were up next with a more deathcorish-hardcore sound, heavy for sure and fairly groovy in certain pockets of songs. By this time, the crowd were getting more into it as a mini-moshpit kicked in at the front. Always good to see some action at a local gig!

Nucleust hit the stage with their now solidified set including "Whisper", "Fractured Equilibrium" and hopefully the new track "Faith By The Sword" which was just released the day before. After hearing the song a few days prior to the release on Thursday, it was interesting to hear how different the live version of the song was. Not on the structure but in terms of sound and slightly differing in style too. Where the studio version has a tight 1-2 punch with a strong groove aspect, the live version was more in your face, slightly looser and what seemed a little quicker too. Whatever the differences were as it can sometimes be subjective, it was a different experience sonically altogether and something that can work very well for bands who don't necessarily want to replicate studio songs into live settings.

Ending the night was Xenobiotic who's fragmented style of blended death metal and core was a brutal way to close off the night, a heavy sound who clearly catered to the twisted and fanatical metalheads on the front of the floor section. If you are going to have a night of seriously heavy music, may as well end with this band to top it off.

Review by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie
Photos by Tammie Molotov - Molotov Enterprises And Photography