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Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2015 – Review
Day 4 - USA
April 21st 2015

All good cruises must come to an end and for anyone not already thinking that the best part of a week trapped on the high seas with a slew of their favourite bands isn't the best idea ever - think again, it is. We've breakfasted with the stars, shared a few beers with a few axe-slingers, stood side by side with people we've only hours ago been watching on stage to find out that they are just as big fans of music as we are, and as we're the Rockpit we've also recorded a few interviews we're about to unleash on you in the next few weeks. Would we do it again? In a second. Would we trade watching a rather well known singer collapse backwards after too much 'indulgence'? No... A cruise like this gives you so many memories like chatting to Tesla's Brian Wheat while we get flipped off by a kid on a Disney Cruiser moored by the side of our ship; naturally we had to react... But most of all and above all it's the music and that has been exceptional.



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Today sees the highest quota of hangovers, or maybe that's just alcohol-aided sadness at the final day? Whatever it might be Luc Carl's 5K Recovery Run is declared by us all to be the most un-Rock and Roll happening on the ship so far and duly boycotted (I'm sure he'd respect that). What wakes us from our noon-headed slumbers is the announcement that Lita Ford does have a passport after all and is on the ship. Presumably smuggled on in a laundry basket we assume, or maybe that's just the wind in her hair as she takes stage to roll out the back catalogue. She's good but not the most rocking time we've had, though the crowd that make it out seem to disagree.

Tesla again take the honours today with their 'Greatest Hits' set in the theatre – it's a sight not to be missed from one of the world's great live bands whatever your taste in rock and Jeff and Co give the fans what they want with a set that underlines the real world class of these American Blue-collar rock icons. I've been a fan since day one and never seen a bad show – it's my 15th today – not bad for someone from outside the US. A meander outside and a leisurely beer sets us up for Kix, another of the must see bands of the Cruise and a band The Rockpit interviewed recently about their latest opus and like Tesla, these guys are also up there with the best live shows you'll see and like Tesla are still making fine music. The final day really is giving us all room to breathe – we stumble into the tail end of Michael (Leatherwolf) Olivieri's set on the way to see John Corabi perform his Motley '94 set in the theatre and he's so good we stay a while. John Corabi though is something else entirely, he was great performing his own solo material but his Motley set is equally entertaining. It's interesting to see the 'Crue fans' in the audience nodding along almost begrudgingly, whilst the rest of us, some of us who even think that self-titled album was the best album the band ever did finally get our day! John Corabi is another of those performers you just need to see, and he's a true gentleman to boot.

And that leads us again to one of the surprises of the Cruise – Europe. A band I in truth never cared for until they reformed back in 2003 and got both heavier and bluesier – and again they exceed expectations with Tempest putting on even more of a show in the open air than he did in the theatre (unless he was just a bit cold). The beauty of the set these days is the mix of old and new and whilst the new material might hit home better than the old, for me the vast majority of course are the other way inclined. Either way Europe can't lose – as the fans of the old material put their hands in their pockets for the new album. Tonight I even manage to listen to the "Final Countdown" with only minimal alcoholic assistance. It's a bit of a dash to check out half the Rhino Bucket show – a band we wish we'd seen more of – before we stop over at the theatre where Tom Keifer and his band are smashing through the Cinderella essentials and the best of the rather impressive solo album (check out our Tom interview in the archives) it's an impressive set, made even more so by the number of artists in the audience, though in fairness a couple who shall remain nameless disappear once the acoustics come out.

The night though belongs jointly to Switzerland and San Francisco as we round out our night and Cruise with a dose of both Krokus who close the Pool stage and Y&T who close the final night in the Theatre as they did the first night. You couldn't pick a better way to lead you into the traditional 'drinking till dawn' session and sail back to port. Monster of Rock... well we did the old festivals back in the day and even though we doubted we'd ever hit the high seas this now gives us no choice but to return... Roll on West Coast 2016.

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