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Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2015 – Review
Day 1 - USA
April 18th 2015

Who would have thought twenty years ago that one day rock bands would play cruise liners? It's a notion that seems to be the antithesis of the very notion of rock and roll itself but boy let me tell you it's an experience like no other.

The Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2015 may have its detractors complaining that lineups are very similar to previous years but to veterans and newcomers alike the experience couldn't be bigger, better or more in your face. Imagine seeing your favourite bands on stage and then later on sharing a lift with them, asking them questions at a Q&A session or better still, having them join you at breakfast?

As an experience it's hard to imagine anything better than sharing a beer with a legend then seeing them jamming onstage - pure magic...



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Musically things don't get much better than kicking off with Tesla who take to the main pool stage a little late which does cause a little confusion as people are unsure if the other stages will be similarly delayed. It matters not though as we are underway with a set that entitled 'simplicity at sea' which takes the best of the new album and adds a few classics like "Love Song" and set closer "Little Suzy". For a huge fan of the band over the years there's no better way to start as the ship pulls away from shore.

With five places to play on board the first night is a mixture of relation and decisions. Planning your shows takes a careful amount of planning but the days are so well structured it does actually allow you to see almost everyone on board. After Tesla we opt for what proves to both be one of the most fascinating / inane features of the cruise - the scheduled Q&As which are a cross section of fans really wanting to know interesting takes on events or rehash stories from a personal band point of view to quite frankly, people who just want to hold the microphone to ask why the band hasn't visited their small town in the last year or to simply thank them for being here. As I said it can be one of the most fascinating things about the cruise or the most frustrating. Thankfully Lillian Axe, one of the bands we've really enjoyed over the years, field some great questions.

Outside again on the pool stage, Black Star Riders are stunningly good mixing the best moments from their two albums with Thin Lizzy classics. It's a set that sets the bar almost impossibly high and one that will be etched in a lot of people's memories. Faced with that dreaded 'clash' of bands we try to grab a slice of John Corabi's set in the Atrium as well as dashing between the Cathouse takeover featuring Bang Tango, Faster Pussycat and Rhino Bucket all on the one stage causing maximum mayhem.

The night is rounded off by one of the most impressive bands of the whole cruise who also round out the final night - Y&T are simply amazing - tight as a drum and so slick. Meniketti is in stunning form and as we find out over the next few days, is also a very gracious and humble man with all the time in the world for fans. The night though is all about the music and the set really highlights what a stunningly great catalogue the band has. And though that of course may be the end of the night for some, for others the bars are still open and the night is young...

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