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Earthday Birthday 22 2015 – Review
Central Florida Fairgrounds - Orlando, Florida
April 25th 2015

Earth day birthday is an institution in this part of the world and WJRR Floridas best rock station sure know how to put on a show with a line up lacked with local talent and international and national acts. It's great to see that sort of mix in a festival supporting local live music as well as drawing some of the best and biggest names around.



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For us the biggest draws are the very first date of Slash's American Tour and headliners Five Finger Death Punch and of course it's always great to see Buckcherry. It's one of the earlier acts though that also impress.

Though they may come across laden with gimmicks Gothenburgs Avatar are a fine band: with just the right amount of showmanship swagger and aggression and a swathe of damn fine songs, it's not hard to imagine them climbing bills like this in coming years.

The same goes for the female fronted Flyleaf who take a heavier approach to a mash of Paramore and Evenescence like material. It's another strong performance by a band so sharp and slick they are quickly turning into a must see.

Whilst the rest of the early entertainment is a bit hit and miss with locals Islander not really taking our fancy (though the crowd beg to disagree) and Saving Able putting on a rousing set packed with huge energy, it's shaping up to be a great day.

By the time Buckcherry take to the main stage the crowd is huge and we have already been treated to great sets by a heap of great bands on the second Full Sail stage probably topped by Saving Abel who put on an energetic performance and really get the crowd moving.

Buckcherry are of course still cool as hell opening up with the timeless "Lit Up" and highlighting tracks from the new EP, they own the stage and the fairgrounds audience but surprisingly finish before their allocated time with the crowd baying for one more.

Most have already had their money's worth and the big hitters are yet to come - a breakdown sees Hellyeah by default headline the second stage when Tremonti graciously goes on before them and he pulls out all the stops knowing his Alter Bridge band with Miles Kennedy is next on the main stage with Slash. Hellyeah by comparison though playing full of fire seem a little flat today probably due to their road worries. By comparison on the main stage Sevendust who are great friends of the festival are so pleased to be out of the studio where they are recording their new album their enthusiasm is infectious and their sound is huge - a big highlight for sure.

Band of the day is Slash - he and the band are in fine form and sound incredibly well rehearsed for the North American Tour - of which this is the first date. They run through the Guns N' Roses classics as well as the best of the new album and career highlights and Miles sounds simply sensational. It proves a tough act to follow despite an idiot in the pit with a go pro on a five foot pole ruining the view for the crowd and hindering every other photographer.

After Slash, Rise Against seem limp by comparison but the crowd loves them. It's Las Vegas' Five Finger Death Punch though that own the night and the Florida crowd - all day long it's been FFDP shirts and tattoos dominating the crowd and the band rises to the occasion setting the night and the crowd on fire.

Earthday Birthday could just be the best fun you will ever have in Orlando and if you listen to WJRR you'll know that. If you are just visiting like us, it's a date to put in your diary and one of the best festivals out there.

Review & Photos by Mark Rockpit