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Billy Idol Cheap Trick – Review
March 24th 2015

Perth was lucky enough to have a world exclusive debut of a spoken word show featuring one of the legends in thrash metal history, the one and only Dave Ellefson from Megadeth. Spoken word shows are always an interesting kind of show, after experiencing Scott Ian and Chris Jericho do one a couple of years ago, I was expecting something along the same lines. But what made this show different was not just the added bonus of seeing Dave perform on stage to some classic Megadeth tracks, but to hear him open up about some very personal things that have happened in his life.



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It's one thing to hear the always interesting and sometimes hilarious stories from the road, the band history and how songs and albums came together but hearing about personal struggles with drug abuse, stints in rehab, personal fueds and even historical tidbits that really change the way you look at a band or it's members is something else. When I spoke to Dave back in January about whether there was anything he would not be open to discussing, his answer was no and that his life is pretty much an open book and after seeing him chat away about literally everything, you could see he wasn't kidding. Questions were thrown at him towards the end of the show by the audience which he answered in only the way the very laid back bassist could answer and a few unknown facts came to light which to some fans would seem unbelievable if heard elsewhere. The amazing stories of course, being on the road, the formation of Megadeth, first encounters meeting Dave Mustaine and the success of the band were always going to be on the agenda and it's those stories that helped give the show some kind of structure where the big things in Dave's life were discussed while the smaller stuff where he goes into side stories really adds a nice layer to everything. Without giving too much away, one of the big topics of the night was the question of who the new members of Megadeth were. Dave was happy enough to answer and hit the subject straight on but if you want to know what is actually going on, you have to make it to one of his shows to find out.

Overall the show was really a success on many levels and if you are a fan of Megadeth, you may learn a few things you may not have ever known about the band before. But even for people who are not necessarily aware of Megadeth's music or even have a lack of appreciation for it, the show works just on a human level too. That we are all regular people regardless of who we are and what we do and anyone who can identitfy with the human in all of us can certaintly enjoy this show for what it's worth.

Catch the rest of the tour at these dates:

Thursday 26th SYDNEY Factory Theatre
Friday 27th MELBOURNE Prince Bandroom
Saturday 28th BRISBANE The Hi Fi
Sunday 29th ADELAIDE The Gov

Review by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie