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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
Chaos Divine 2015 – Review
Amplifier Bar - Perth, Australia
July 10th 2015

One of Perth's premier prog/melodic metal band Chaos Divine have been stunning crowds for a number of years now and their live show always draws the crowds in from all walks of life. Friday night was no different as they brought their melodic brand of metal to the stage along with a great cast of support acts as well



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Opening up for the night were locals Nevsky Prospekt and Tempest Rising, the latter being a definite highlight of the night. After having seen Tempest Rising a few times now, it seemed the more experience under their belt has propelled the band's sound to a new level as they brought a crushing sound and a solid beat to the show. It's a great feeling to be genuinely surprised by an opening act and while the band have always been pretty decent, tonight's performance was on par with headliner material.

Stepping up to the plate right after was instrumental beasts Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving. Loud, definitive and crushingly good are words that come to mind. They never disappont as they make their way through a set that is filled with both pure guitar noise and a groove that flows in and out. Experimental music at it's best and did I say loud? Ears were buzzing after their set but what makes this band stand out more than the usual instrumental type stuff is the improvisation that goes on with the guitarists and drummer, the wierd noises that emanate from the amplifiers is wonderfully stimulating and thoughtful. The sounds of a dark and brooding universe.

Chaos Divine need no introduction, as headliners tonight the band have worked hard to get where they are and successful shows nationally and overseas proves the band's quality performances. The band sounded great as always as they tore through a set of mostly the more melodic material including the somewhat softer "Colliding Skies" which is far different to the heavier death metal type sounds found on their earlier material. There are moments of brutality and the crowd get right into it when those moments happen but I did find there was a hell of a lot of mellower moments which I'm not sure they match up to the heavier stuff. That being said, a highlight of the night which at first may have looked like a joke was their lovely rendition of Chris Isaak's crooner hit "Wicked Game". It was wierd and confused faces in the crowd at first but by the end, it just made sense. Chaos Divine are certaintly not afraid to jump into different territory and while I'm not a huge fan of the more mellower material, it is a sign of a progressive band doing exactly as that. Progressing.

Review by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie
Photos by The Rockpit