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Perth Domain Stadium, October 31 2015


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As Stevie Nicks said very early tonight during the few seconds the rain actually stopped, last time Fleetwood Mac were in Australia they were without a very important member of the ‘Classic’ lineup of the band – Christine McVie. Indeed it has been 16 long years since Christine joined the others on stage, and it couldn’t mean more to the fans here tonight. There’s a huge warmth and energy despite the fact that Perth has chosen today of all days to do its first ‘proper’ rain in some time.  

The rain can’t dampen the spirits tonight though, with McVie on board there are some great songs back in the set again, and whilst the poncho vendors rub their hands and fill their pockets the crowd inside Domain Stadium are in for a real treat.

Let’s face it there aren’t too many bands with the crazy history or the songs of Fleetwood Mac, and the Greatest Hits tour, resuming after John McVie’s successful cancer treatment, has already received glowing reviews from Sydney and Adelaide.  Tonight in Perth, maybe even because of the rain its hard to believe the band is this good.

Opening with what has always been one of my favourite Mac tunes ‘The Chain’ the show couldn’t get off to a better start, with the soaked audience finding their voice from the off.   

To pick highlights is of course pretty damned near impossible, though you would think by the audience reaction that every song in the set was one! The opening trio is pretty impressive with ‘The Chain’ followed by ‘You Make Loving Fun’ which sees the impeccable Christine McVie song back where it belongs; and the sweet sounds of ‘Dreams’ the perfect welcome back.

We may be getting the same setlist as everyone else has heard so far this tour, but it doesn’t diminish the evening in any way, and most fans are eagerly anticipating the next  as soon as the previous song closes.

Of course Nicks’ ‘Rhiannon’ is as sultry and as invigorating as ever; and yes ‘Tusk’ still makes you marvel at the audacity of that huge sound. Whilst the set does have its ebb and flow, for every ‘Second Hand News’ and ‘Think About Me’ there’s a ‘Sara’ (stunning tonight, and a new song for the Australian leg of the tour) and ‘Gypsy’ waiting in the wings.

Musically the band, augmented by additional players and backing singers, sounds great; and whilst Nicks and McVie may not hit the heights of yesteryear vocally Buckingham seems to have lost nothing in voice or in his guitar playing. Any dip in the sound though is made up for by some excellent backing vocals.

With the set drawing to a close ‘Gold Dust Woman’ and set proper closer ‘Go Your Own Way’ soar and by the encores we are almost two hours into a night full of memories and more than a few teary eyes.   


Fleetwood Mac are still one of the very best in the business and live they out on an impeccable show despite the unseasonal Perth rain, which tried but failed to dampen what you could easily still describe as a magical evening with ‘Songbird’ perhaps the perfect way to close.



The Chain | You Make Loving Fun | Dreams | Second Hand News | Rhiannon | Everywhere | Bleed to Love Her | Tusk | Sara | Say You Love Me | Big Love | Landslide | Never Going Back Again | Think About Me | Gypsy | Little Lies | Gold Dust Woman | I'm So Afraid | Go Your Own Way | Encore: World Turning | Don't Stop | Silver Springs | Songbird


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by Leslii Phillips




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