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reverend horton heat rev album review 2014




JANUARY 21 2014



After a low key instrumental start with the surf-friendly ‘Victory Lap’ there’s almost a rockabilly meets Motorhead intensity to ‘Smell of Gasoline’ and it gets crazier from there as you might imagine on this The Reverend’s 11th studio album. From the pure Rock N Roll of ‘Never Gonna Stop It’ to the stuttering surf stomp of ‘Chasing Rainbows’ this is The Reverend at their most wonderfully authentic and visceral.


Listening to the Rev is like stepping back in time to a world with cleaner lines and cinemascope colours, where your Hod-Rod is always at the ready and apple pie is in the oven. It’s a time to live fast, drive hard and polish your guns. There’s also an evangelical zeal and intensity to the music that you can’t help but get carried away by.


It’s all wonderfully intense and fun. ‘Zombie Dumb’ is a surf-shop horror cartoon with a guitar as big as a Cadillac and ‘Spooky Boots’ is it’s hard rocking step-uncle all swing and groove and tequila. ‘Schizoid’ is the punky, retro rockabilly horror groove we’ve come to love over the years whilst ‘Scenery Going By’ a Country ‘Cowboy Road Song’.


Elsewhere ‘My Hat’ a Rock N Roll swinging jaunt back in time and ‘Let Me Teach You How To Eat’ showcases the quirkier side of The Rev, on one level it’s a straight enough proposition with cookery school double-entendre lyrics, on the other it’s a damn fine song made to go crazy to.


The Juke Jive of ‘Mad Mad Heart’ is a favourite, all slicked back hair and Elvis swagger and ‘Longest Gonest Man’ has a mad country intensity all of its own. Like it says on the press release: ‘The Reverends commandants are simple. Rock hard, drive fast, and live true. And no band on this, or any other, planet rocks harder, drives faster, or lives truer than the Reverend Horton Heat’.  Does anyone do music of the type better than the Rev? We don’t think so…



by Mark Diggins


Reverend Horton Heat REV Album Review 2014