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APRIL 21 2015



Hardcore Superstar take it all the way back to basics with the new album HCSS and to be honest whatever the motivation – and here it was all started off by a fan handing Michael a tape of the band’s old demos it’s clearly worked – and worked well indeed. There’s an energy here on HCSS that whilst you could argue had never been lacking seems refocussed and reignited.

HCSS starts off with a bang and seeks to replicate that sheer force of will throughout. Opening track ‘Don’t Mean Shit’ is a great way to start the album – it really seems to have rekindled that fire with its kick-ass pace and burst of immediate aggression.

One thing’s for certain - there’s no filler at all on HCSS: ‘Party Till I’m Gone’ has a huge soaring melody and plenty of attitude; ‘The Cemetery’ is catchy as hell and could just be our favourite after a first few listens.

Delving deeper ‘Off With Their Heads’ is a nice change of pace and another classic in the making with a driving rhythm and a laid back vibe. That comes as a nice counterpoint to ‘Fly’ which takes things down even further, seeping out of the speakers after a simple acoustic strummed intro before building into a swirling dreamscape, it’s the most unexpected moment here. Just when you think we’re keeping that softer vibe ‘The Ocean’ turns into a Jane’s Addiction-flavoured flight, slightly punky with a huge melodic chorus.

The new single (out March 9) -  ‘Touch the Sky’ – makes you marvel at how hard it must have been to choose the next single and whilst it delivers a solid groove and is built upon a great melody it’s quirky enough to make you sit up and take notice before it becomes simply infectious. ‘Growing Old’ again starts out gently – this time with progressive-drenched synths before the riff kicks it all aside and proceeds to break down another door.  

Al hat leads back to first single ‘Glue’ that was out last October and was a glimpse of things to come -and it sits here nicely – we love that riff and the raw power of the song. Whilst the pop melody of the chorus might surprise some it’s pure HCSS aggression and takes no prisoners. That just leaves us with album closer ‘Messed Up For Sure’ with the heaviest groove yet – a great way to close what is in truth a fine album, fresh, exciting and just that little bit unexpected. Absolutely essential…



by Mark Rockpit