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JUNE 2 2014



On June 2nd Perth (Australia’s) Voyager released their 5th and possibly best album. Now for a band that has been around since the late nineties to be constantly creating at a higher level with each release is an achievement in itself, but on ‘V’ Voyager appear to have stumbled upon their own great step forward.  ‘V’ is simply all that Voyager was and so much more…


If you love Progressive Metal and think that only Europe and the US can produce at the highest level, this is the album that will change your mind.


Staring off with the low-key ‘Hyperventilating’ is the only thing that slightly surprises you about ‘V’ I mean it’s a great track but rather less immediate than the single ‘Breaking Down’ that follows. In retrospect it makes little difference, but in a world where first impressions can be rather fleeting and sometimes final it’s an odd choice to lead you into what is a rather remarkable album.


Leading the line with the lush and light and air-filled ‘Hyperventilating’ there’s a maturity immediately at play that transforms the simple into the sublime over a beating synth and guitar heart. ‘Breaking Down’ that follows is more direct and driving, in fact it’s the great melodies and riffs that stand out most of all on the album, but its only part of the richness.


‘A Beautiful Mistake’ features some nice female vocals from Zemyna Kuliukas and adds another neat turn, above the cascading riffs and driving rhythms. At times there’s an almost New Romantic pop sensibility mixed in with the Progressive Metal bulk, but more than that it’s the variety that most impresses here.


Elsewhere the album is just the sort of journey you need to take, there’s something different at every turn, from the heavily Power-Prog ‘You the Shallow’ and ‘Embrace the Limitless’ which are probably our two favourites here; the thrusting groove of ‘The Domination Game’ or the far lighter ‘Summer Always Comes Again’ which isn’t particularly ‘Rock’ (and certainly not ‘Metal’) at all.  Aside from that track, which might be too far removed for most rock fans, ‘Seasons of Age’ that closes smacks of 80s synth-led pop-rock, but manages to meld so much Rock in the mix it’s almost Duran Duran does Prog and of course Daniel’s Simon Le Bon-style vocals just solidify that feeling.


Apart from a couple of small missteps like the rather ambling and superficial ‘Peacekeeper’ and ‘Summer Always Comes Again’ this is quite probably Voyager’s finest hour and one to savour.



by Mark Diggins