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JUNE 6 2014



Tracklisting : Speed Of Sound; One Minute; The Law; The Outsider; Rock The Foundation; Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?; Looking At You; Can't Take That Away; Jessie; Kiss The Rainbow; Say Goodbye.


My memories of Uriah Heep go back a long, long way to a mate’s brother’s record collection that we used to listen to the moment he walked out the house – it was a collection of greats from Lizzy, Purple, UFO and Quo through more interesting takes on Hard Rock by bands like Molly Hatchet. One band that was in there was Uriah Heep and listening to ‘…Very ‘Eavy … Very ‘Umble…’ I was transfixed. ‘Demons and Wizards’ and ‘Magician’s Birthday’ followed and then ‘Look at Yourself’: All classics still.


Here we are in 2014 with studio album number 24 after the successful and rather good last release ‘Into the Wild’. We may only now have lead guitarist from those heady days, but for a band ‘of a certain age’ Uriah Heep is one whose current releases are certainly worth a listen.


Getting to the album: ‘Speed of Sound’ is a lively rocker to set the ball rolling, full of crashing chords, swirling keys and a great vocal: it’s trademark ‘Heep. As a contrast ‘One Minute’ adds soft keys before breaking into life for a real rock out: it’s all very disarming and very comfortable, clean, melodic and tight, but it’s on tracks like ‘The Law’ that really opens up to sound adding some nice licks and great melodies and letting the guitar ‘go for it’ a little more. 


Title track ‘The Outsider’ is harder and more driven and sure to turn some heads, and ‘Rock the Foundation’ despite the slightly stale title, has enough body and ideas going on to tick all the right boxes. As well as the rockers – and there are perhaps none better than closing track the soaring ‘Say Goodbye’ which rides a rocking riff, cut through with Hammond: the slower numbers work well too with ‘Is Anyone Gonna Help Me?’ a particular office favourite!   


This is a great album from ‘Heep, crisp and clean with echoes of the old and yet remarkably fresh sounding. I can’t see anyone not finding something to love about this one.


Mick Box: Guitars, Vocals
Phil Lanzon: Keyboards, Vocals
Bernie Shaw: Lead Vocals
Russell Gilbrook: Drums, Vocals
Dave Rimmer: Bass, Vocals


URIAH HEEP 2014 TOUR DATES (as of 02/04/14):
05.06.14               Solvesborg         Sweden Rock                                                                   Sweden
07.06.14               Espoo                   Kivenlahtirock Festival                                                 Finland
08.06.14               Kauhava              Hotel Kauhava                                                                 Finland
09.06.14               Pori                       Promenade-Keskus                                                      Finland
10.06.14               Salo                      Teatteri Provinssi                                                          Finland
11.06.14               Lahti                     Sibeliustalo                                                                      Finland
13.06.14               Alta                       Alta Soul and Blues                                                        Norway
14.06.14               Haminkeln          Thunderbike fest                                                           Germany

10.07.14               Sierre                   Sierre Blues Festival                                                     Switzerland
25.07.14               Nova Gorica       Rock Batuje                                                                      Slovenia
30.07.14               Lauchheim         Schloss Kapfenburg                                                      Germany

01.08.14               Graz                     Seerock Festival                                                             Austria
06.08.14               Schaffhausen    Stars In Town                                                                   Switzerland
30.08.14               Stadtallendorf  SUMMER-ROCK open air                                            Germany



by Jo Rockpit