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MARCH 10 2014



It seems like every year at least a dozen or so bands get labelled ‘next big thing’, it’s something you just shrug off but if you say it long enough sometimes you hit the mark. The Battery Electric is the sort of band that you want to see live on stage from the first time you hear the crashing riff and cymbals on ‘Heathen’ which has a real punk energy and simplicity and connects directly to that part of the brain that controls head-banging, screaming and smiling…

‘The Heart and the Thrill’ is a no nonsense garage rock album, stripped back and bare, and honest as the day is long, there’s also a surprising amount of fire in the belly and an innate sense of what makes a good hook really grow roots. It’s great that there is so much depth and variety too: from the sheer pop-punk-rock of ‘Lauren’ to the laid back blues-pop sixties styling of ‘Hungry’.

Elsewhere, or rather everywhere else you look there’s gold. ‘Tight Lip’ is a groove of fuzzy blues guitar and funked-up drums; and ‘Ovulator’ is almost like The Dictators playing The Ramones and Motown simultaneously. ‘Key Party’ really has a Hard Rock heart and a Soul motor; and ‘Almighty Deceiver’ is the sort of song that back in the 80’s UK’s Crazyhead did so well: bluesy proto-rock. In fact if I was throwing names into the mix that’s not a bad one to name-check.

The best things about The Battery Electric three albums in, is that they sound so at home with what they are doing, ‘The Heart and the Thrill’ is an album that sound like it was forged in the 70’s but has the bite to grab an audience from any decade since. Absolute highlights? - It’s hard to pick when everything here is so good, but for sheer ‘Georgia Satellites simplicity’ ‘Get Me Outta Here’ ticks the boxes; ‘Crown Royal’ bristles and exudes soul, whilst ‘Does He Love You’ (the first single) is a stripped back proto-rocker awash with elemental cool; and title track ‘The Heart and the Thrill’ just makes you want more of this essential rock and roll.  

New Jersey should be proud… and you should get out there and listen.



by Mark Rockpit