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OUT NOW - 2014




I must admit since I first heard The Erotics I loved them, Mike Trash is one of those song-writers who just knows how to create a killer song, and I’d rank him up there with guys like Ginger Wildheart as someone who never disappoints. If you love catchy, sing-along fist-in-the-air rockers with a liberal dose of Sleaze and attitude then this is exactly what you are looking for.


Recorded live in front of an invited audience at Don Fury Studio in Troy NY, this comes nice and raw, no overdubs, no additional tracks – just the way it was on the night. As it says on the packaging – what you see is what you get.


And what you get is a whole lot of The Erotics – as this baby clocks in at 18 tracks long making it both a must for fans and also the curious.


Starting the engines with the final track from the ’30 Seconds Over You’ album – ‘All American Catholic Boy’ before smashing into newer tracks from the band’s last two releases in ‘Death With a Heartbeat’ and ’19 Going on Homicidal’ we get off to the most gloriously sleazy start. The power of the Erotics has always come from the power and immediacy of their songs and here the party starts from the first chord and never stops till the last note.


Of course every fan will have their favourites and the delivery is as perfect as any adrenaline rush along the way you are reminded of some of the greats of Sleaze - from New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks and a low-rent Stones and everyone in-between and beyond.  


Impossible as it is to pick favourites here – and try as I might this one gets played through every spin – tracks like ‘She Sucks the Life’ and 'I Think I Want to Die Tonight' still feel like an electric shock to the party gene.  And if you want a cover or two what better than a ball-tearing version of Robert Palmer’s ‘Bad Case of Loving You’ with the slickness replaced with an absolute lust for life; and AC/DC's 'Walk All Over You'.


The mash ups work superbly well here to with ‘Blast Off/Love the Way You Hate Me’ flitting like a filthy glove and ‘Push Comes to Death/Slave to My Dick’ rocking the house to the ground. Later songs like ‘Your Bloody Frankenstein’ show just what The erotics have to offer – glorious, unfettered Rock N Roll with hooks big enough to land the largest sea-beasts.  The climax with songs like ‘Helen Keller’; ‘Got Drunk Again’ and ‘Walk All Over You’ from 2009’s ‘Rubbish’  is sublime. Now this is Rock N Roll!


Devoid of between-song banter, even without Ramones minimalism  (poem aside) - ‘Preaching to the Choir’ gets right to the point and is all about stripping Rock N Roll right back to that dangerous essence that makes it so absolutely essential – music that drives that primal urge to kill, fuck, destroy…


At the end of the day if you like your Rock N Roll dirty and devoid of anything but the desire for a good time ‘Preaching…’ is absolutely essential to your well-being. This is the sort of album you can throw off all the shackles of the mundane to and live out that rock and roll fantasy even if your guitars are made of air and your voice would make even your nearest and dearest run for cover.


Add to the live show a brand new studio track ‘Last of the Rock N Roll Motherfuckers’ and you have a taste of things to come. Don’t forget the more people that buy this record the more Nuns in wheelchairs Mike can save…



by Mark Rockpit