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NOVEMBER 24 2014



Ten’s last album 2012’s 'Heresy And Creed' saw the veteran rockers in fine form, and here we are again less than two years later with two new guitarists (making Ten a seven piece) and a new album tantalisingly-titled Albion.


Starting out with the powerful ‘Alone in the Dark Tonight’ we are thankfully on the same solid Melodic Rock ground as we’ve become accustomed to. It already sounds like a good day. Dispensing with formalities ‘Battlefield’ jumps straight in with vocals and big riff before settling on a key-laden melody and big hook. It’s just what you hope and expect from Ten – a big chorus atop a strong song and a mini guitar duel to boot!


Next up ‘It’s Alive’ and it’s perfect Hard Rock melodies soon melt into the very Celtic sounding chant of ‘Albion Born’ a song that showcases a good part of what Ten has always been about. The wonderful ballad ‘Sometimes Love Takes the Long Way Home’ adds the final component of what makes Ten such a great band – the sweeping ballad, which has more than a touch of recent Whitesnake.


The swaggering ‘Smuggler’s Tale’ one of our picks of the album has the groove of Magnum or Blue Murder and is just the sort of song that sets Ten apart with its power and precision. Single ‘Die For Me’ is a great rocker with a slight bluesy feel and great rolling verses and slick chorus, while ‘It Ends This day’ layers on the silky melodies but ends up with a slightly Eurovision sheen to the chorus that I’m sure some will love.


With just ten tracks, the album ends strongly with second ballad: ‘Gioco D’Amore’ that really highlights the depth of Hughes vocals, it has a sweeping orchestral, almost traditional feel to it that makes it sounds rather timeless. ‘Wild Horses’ that closes is just the opposite, opening with a heartbeat and keys, and building into a contemplative rocker that suddenly bursts into life just before the two minute mark: a great way to close the album.


‘Albion’ with its two guitars offers a new depth to Ten’s sound, it might not be completely realised yet and there’s plenty of variety on here to suggest a settling in period, but one thing is for sure ‘Albion’ meets the very high standards we have come to expect from Ten. ‘Albion’ is a must for all fans and well worth a listen for fans of Melodic Hard Rock not already familiar with the band.  



by Jo Rockpit