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Saturn Ascending Live in Space Review 2014




AUGUST 19 2014



Aside from the Bluesy line that opens ‘Over the Influence’ and the song that follows, this album sounds like it was created by a second division early eighties Metal band in a broom cupboard… Now that isn’t meant as a criticism necessarily, it’s just that these days anything that sounds convincingly ‘retro’ and can go through the motions, seems to be getting signed. Seventies and early eighties Metal seems so in vogue these days you don’t know whether to jump on the latest band or just buy something obscure recommended by your Dad…


Now don’t get me wrong the upside is that the sort of music your parents loved as kids is getting a second look in, the slightly sad thing though is when people start shouting the odds about ‘authenticity’ and talking about ‘valve amps’ and only using ‘vintage equipment’, now to me that sounds vaguely like the musical equivalent of grave robbing then wearing the corpses’ clothes to a job interview!


The good thing about the revival of course is that you can say all that and still love the music! And ‘Saturn’ quite frankly sounds pretty damn sweet to me…


Hailing from Sweden’s West Saturn sounds like they were locked in a dark room and fed only on a diet of Sabbath, Priest and Budgie: before being set loose upon the World. At times the sound is so convincing you will be convinced that the band believes there is no other kind of music.  

At only eight tracks you could also argue that we’re only getting an ‘old school’ length album too. But of course quality is everything here and there is plenty of variety and texture on ‘Ascending’.


If you love guitar and bass riff-driven heavy metal from the 70s and 80s with a dash of blues then you’ll like Saturn. The album starts out with the fiery ‘So, You Have Chosen Death’ before bluesier fare from the likes of ‘Rokktori’ and ‘Tower Of Terror’. Everywhere you turn there are those wonderful echoes of both early heavy metal and later NWOBHM.


Sadly there are only another five tracks left, but what is left is sheer class with ‘Over the Influence’ again steeped in blues, completely derivative and yet still moves you, whilst ‘Leadersheep’ tears it up and ‘Peasant’ rides a heavy groove to glory.


Perhaps the best though are the closing pair ‘Last Man in Space’ which revels in vintage progressive rock trappings and the spacey, deep and mysteriously hypnotic ‘Moonstone’ which opens up the possibilities and confirms that Saturn is a band that can and will succeed.  

There is plenty of potential here and Saturn certainly has a sound that is very in-vogue at the minute. Time will tell if they have the staying power and breaks to take the leap out of the pack. We think they’re almost certain to.



by Leslii Phillips


Saturn Ascending Live in Space Review 2014