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JANUARY 31 2014



UK’s Skindred has picked up all kinds of accolades recently for their ‘in your face’ live shows and combustible mix of punk, rock, metal, reggae and electronica with heavy-hitters like Radio One calling them “one of the best live acts in Britain” (OK point taken what on earth would Radio One know!) and last year picking up the converted Metal Hammer Golden God for Best Live Act.  On top of that they’ve landed a swathe of high profile festival slots including Download, Exit and Rock A Parque . They haven’t exactly been quiet on the sales front either.


 All this comes whilst maintaining a tradition of “singing about universal issues and spreading a message of positive action and social unity”. ‘Kill The Power’ is therefore an album that is much anticipated and to be honest it’s as fast and furious as you might expect. The band themselves are setting it up as the album that manages to capture that ‘live’ energy. To cap it all they are also headed Down Under to Soundwave!


If you loved 2011’s ‘Union Black’ then this is better.  Opening with single and title track we are immediately immersed in a rap type groove before the guitars kick in and reggae vocals and electronic sounds immerse you in the groove. The Melodies and harder vocals that follow push you further in and you find yourself swept up in it all.


It’s music designed to make you sway and jump but with a rocker’s heart as songs like 'Ruling force' and 'Ninja' hit the right notes for the rock audience. It’s certainly not an album for those that like their rock pure, but it’s interesting enough to keep the open-minded listening. Perhaps the best here though is ‘'Playing with the Devil' which stands out because it breaks the already eclectic mould and has a real Reggae soul. At parts in songs you’d swear you were listening to Nu Metal at others it’s pure Dubstep.


Open your mind and step inside.



Touring Nationally for Soundwave 2014:

Saturday 22nd February - RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane
Sunday 23rd February - Olympic Park, Sydney
Friday 28th February - Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne
Saturday 1st March - Bonython Park, Adelaide
Monday 3rd March - Claremont Showgrounds, Perth



by Mark Diggins