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APRIL 22 2014



A new Sebastian Bach album is always eagerly anticipated and this year we may well have the best yet from the ex-Skid Row front man!  5 solo albums in Seb seems to have settled on a style that blends both Hard Rock and Meal without either gaining the upper hand. For all the screaming guitar and jack-hammer riffs there is still that softer underside.


The album starts off with the Modern Metallic one-two punch of the relentless ‘Hell Inside My Head’ (the latest lyric video) and ‘Harmony’. The former has a great drive and some sweet melodies, while ‘Harmony’ continues in a similar vein, but is perhaps even more melodic.   


‘All of my Friends are Dead’ has a brooding Soundgarden meets Shinedown vibe while ‘Temptation’ the first single from the album, continues the mix of melody and Metal but just seems to have more dark power and latent aggression beneath the sweet liquid chorus. It’s still all set to ‘Modern Metal’ default though with John 5 seemingly dominating the guitar.


Even if nothing absolutely blows you away at first listen, it’s a solid and somewhat heavier start than we’ve heard before from Seb. Whether you like the detuned, almost grungy vibe though is the key to how you will be feeling by the way the next song hits.  


‘Push Away’ takes things down a notch with a wonderful spacey vocal over some brooding bass and guitar; it’s the sort of track that makes you sit up and listen and connects instantly, twisting the template a little. And it’s from here the album really takes off for us.    


‘Dominator’ may have a set of rather dodgy lyrics but it again captures a dynamic that is more immediate than the more forceful opening salvo.


‘Had Enough’ is the big ballad done like no one else can – a superb song and a clear stand out for us, but after that break it’s where the album really soars. If you look at the first half of the album in the cold light of day it really does seem like Seb is trying to capture that younger crowd, while the last six tracks here capture far more of the 80’s vibe we here at The Rockpit love.  


Now we’re talking! ‘Gun to a Knife Fight’ has a distinct 80’s Metal thrust that delivers some mild time-travel and certainly will satisfy fans pf old, while Bach continues to demonstrate his unerring hand knack with ballads, with the bluesy almost-Pump-era Aerosmith vibe of ‘Rock N Roll is a Vicious Game’ which does everything right.


The huge riff of the standout ‘Taking Back Tomorrow’ takes you back to Skid Row’s classic second album; while ‘Disengaged’ ups the Metal and ‘Forget You’ is a massive song that jumps right off the deep-end with dark groove, almost Proggy, with swathes of luscious background harmony and brings the album home with a wet sail; but for us it’s very definitely the second half of the album that wins the day.



by Mark Diggins