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Band:Chris Fry - vocals | Adrian McAleenan - guitar | Ryan Lilly - bass | Kyle Cruickshank - drums

If you think Rock is dead, then think again, this band certainly will prove you wrong! ‘Screaming Eagle’s must have been in stealth mode when they released this album late 2012, because it has certainly slipped well under our radar!

Northern Ireland have produced their fair share of great rock over the years and although this four piece band from Northern Ireland has only been technically formed since 2012, they have a lot going for them with ‘Off Yer Rocka
Recordings’ signing them to their label.

For anyone who is looking for an album that is true rock with the infusion of Black Stone Cherry, early Bad Company, and AC/DC’s hard Rock, then look no further as this band are sure to ‘Shoot to Thrill!’ With a variation of kick ass 10 tracks ranging from melodic to hard pumping rock, raw and punchy, it shows a bunch of guys bursting with enthusiasm, energy and determined to be heard. This album will please a wide variety of music fans, especially with the massive chorus’s and perfect harmonies.

‘All the Way’ What a solid opener for the album, this song has the ‘AC/DC’ feel to it! Great chorus, certainly a catchy feel good song with Adrian McAleenan’s great guitar riffs and Chris Fry shows off his powerful vocal’s which is not only strong and sexy, but blood pumping! Ryan Lily on bass and Kyle Cruikshank on drums
back them up just perfectly too. This song has ‘hit’ written all over it!

‘Down The River’ and ‘Hungry For More.’ all have a hard hitting beat and well written lyrics, backed by a very strong bass sound, as with the later tracks ‘One Man Revolution’ and ‘Blood.’ The upbeat tempo continues to two of the catchiest songs on the album ‘Fight the Fire’ and ’Rock N Roll Soul.’ The new video to this is amazing I must admit this is one of my favourite’s on the album, with its addictive catchy chorus.

The heavy and hard ‘Devil In The Dust’ is another awesome stomping track with melodic chorus with thick and powerful riffs. The guitar and bass sounds show their true colours in this song with great memorable melodies and riffs, these tunes enhance the guitar playing to it’s limit. ‘Vampire’ begins with a soft bluesy feel to it and then builds up into a full blown, hard rocking song.

Finally, ‘Take My Time’ a great closure to the album, this tune doesn’t stray from the other tracks, it is just as impressive as all the others prior to it, with its hard fist pelting rhythm, it sums up this amazing album.

Overall, I was very impressed with their first debut album, and I think you will be too! This album isn’t super heavy and has a mixture of sleazy, catchy, tunes that will bring joy to anyone, this album is solid and with the tight line up, these guys definitely have potential to go far, Watch this space!!


by Tanya Hadlington