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FEBRUARY 20 2015



Celebrating 50 years this year The Scorpions have pretty much done everything there is to do for a Rock band and along the way continue to hit all kinds of records – like the 108 million hits for ‘Wind of Change’ on YouTube. What it shows is that this band continues to gather fans of all ages, and whilst grunge destroyed some the Scorpions endured and continued to thrive opening new markets along the way.


Always a great live band, this year and 2016 could well see their final shows, after a stutter in 2010 brought on by the constant grind of touring and new releases which is when we last caught them on their ‘Farewell Tour’ in the US. It’s great therefore to see the band have decided to carry on and still have the desire to keep on making new music and hit the road again, this time maybe for the last time.

‘Return to Forever’ is an intriguing title and looking back a few years it had been mentioned that the next album could well contain a number of reworked tracks demoed over the years, but which failed to make the cut due to space constraints when vinyl was still king. And while the new album does contain some of those songs there is new material too. 19 songs were recorded altogether and 16 make it onto the deluxe edition – 12 on the ordinary release.   

It is of course and always has been all about the music and just like 2010’s last album of new material ‘Sting in the Tail’; ’Return to Forever’ is equally as indispensable. Starting out with trademark Stadium-friendly rocker, the rather prophetically-titled ‘Going out with a Bang’ it’s immediately clear this is an album that will be a sheer joy for fans of their unashamed 80’s heyday sound.

First single and second up ‘We Built This House’ (the first single) which recounts the band’s history is even better with those unmistakable Scorpions guitars and trademark Klaus Meine vocal making it a sure-fire winner. ‘Rock My Car’ is high tempo Scorps hedonism; while the mellow ‘House Of Cards will surely be a stone-cold sure-fire ‘live’ winner.  

The album unfolds beautifully with ‘All For One’ adding more Hard Rocking swagger and a great chorus before one of the big highlights ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Band’ muscles its way in on the action. ‘Catch Your Luck and Play’ eats you up and spits you out and ‘Rollin’ Home’ lifts you up again to Rock some more.

‘Hard Rockin’ the Place’ hits the spot for any Scorpions fan, and another highlight comes with the subdued and melodic of ‘Eye of the Storm’ which is definitely one of the picks of the album.  The album is rounded out by the swing of  ‘The Scratch’ and the lilting and contemplative ‘Gypsy Life’ which again tells a tale of life on the road.
With dates already penned in for the European Summer and Winter there are plenty more dates on the way.


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The brand-new Scorpions studio album “Return To Forever” will be released on CD, Deluxe CD, vinyl, Limited Collector’s Box, and several more digital and physical formats.



by Mark Rockpit