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OUT NOW - 2014



Each year, British heavy metal legends Saxon honour a fine tradition of paying homage to England’s patron Saint George by putting on a spectacular annual show on St. George’s Day, it’s just one of the many things that separates this classic British Heavy Metal band from the pack and brings with it the lasting dedication of fans.


I guess in terms of sheer global size Saxon has always been the underdog in the shadows of bands like Iron Maiden who took British Metal to the world, but time has been very good to Saxon and their catalogue is one that stands up beautifully against almost any band you care to mention. These days they are playing to bigger crowds than they ever have at some of the biggest Festivals on the planet. Best of all they are still making great music, but if you really want to see Saxon in all their glory you need to see the live and this release: ‘St. George’s Day Sacrifice – Live in Manchester’ is the next best thing and/or a great reminder of your last Saxon concert.  


Recorded at last year’s performance at The Ritz in Manchester, England during the band’s ‘Sacrifice World Tour’ the album, mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap and produced by  vocalist Biff Byford, hit stores in the U.S. on April 29, 2014 via UDR Music. It’s a 2 CD set that finds Saxon in fine form covering a collection of their finest work from 1979 up to 2013.


If you love Saxon like we do, if you want a memento of last year’s tour, or even if you are new to the band and want to hear what one of the finest from the NWOBHM sounds like; this is a great place to start. What might surprise you more than anything is that Saxon, and Biff’s voice have lost nothing over the years, and indeed ‘live’ they are as good as they’ve ever been.


All the classics are here of course, as well as a dose of the new from the latest ‘Sacrifice’ album and it’s great to hear how well the newer material stands up. Of course with any band ‘of a certain age’ the classics will always pull the biggest reaction from the crowd and the second CD here is relentless and up there with the best live records I’ve heard in a long time.


This one’s a keeper!    


St. George’s Day Sacrifice – Live in Manchester tracklisting:

CD 1 – running time 61:05 minutes: 01 Sacrifice | 02 Wheels Of Terror | 03 Power And The Glory | 04 Made In Belfast | 05 Rock ’n Roll Gypsy | 06 And The Bands Played On | 07 I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive) | 08 Night Of The Wolf | 09 Conquistador | 10 Broken Heroes | 11 Guardians of The Tomb

CD 2 – running time 59:08 minutes: 01 Never Surrender | 02 Ride Like The Wind | 03 Crusader | 04 Stand Up And Fight | 05 Dallas I PM | 06 747 (Strangers In The Night) | 07 Wheels Of Steel | 08 Strong Arm Of The Law | 09 Denim And Leather | 10 Princess of The Night

For more information visit www.saxon747.comand  


by Mark Diggins