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MAY 19 2014



Anyone who was impressed by Rubicon Cross’ debut EP back in 2011 will probably have been eagerly anticipating the new full-length release – due to hit on May 19th. Collecting the four songs from the EP with six additional tracks it’s an album of great depth and diversity, but also of overriding quality. The song-writing partnership of Firehouse’ CJ Snare and Furyon’s Chris Green is both a match of like minds and great talents.


If you love guitar-driven rock and grew up loving CJ’s unique vocal talents then it’s hard to find fault here. Starting out with the fast-paced ‘Locked and Loaded’ it lays down a marker that sets a high standard from the off and doesn’t let up. The track itself is a driving rocker with an infectious chorus and connects instantly.


‘Next Worst Enemy’ that follows, and which originally was our standout on the EP is if anything even more compelling, driven by a downhill relationship lyric, it has a modern rock vibe that rides a sweet melody.


If there is a song here that captures the beauty that Firehouse mastered on their ballads it’s the sweeping and impossibly melodic ‘Save Me Within’ a beautiful song about the death of Chris’ father and a classic dripping with emotion. ‘Shine’ too treads a similar Firehouse vibe and feels like the safest track here musically but is yet another high point.  


Of the rockers ‘You Will Remember Me’ rides on some stunning liquid guitars, and ‘Bleed With Me’ the lead single and video is equally memorable, it’s a song about brotherhood and kinship through impossible times and bites like all good rockers should. It’s ‘Kill or be Killed’ though that perhaps strikes the heaviest notes here, a simply great thrusting rocker.


The bluesiest track here ‘Moving On’ has a Bad Co vibe, with a modern edge; and ‘RU Angry’ contrastingly is a great mid-tempo rocker which displays a restrained power and some killer guitar.


‘All the Little Things’ that closes is, if anything, the odd man out with a distinct deconstructed pop-punk thrust that both surprises and opens the door to future possibilities in equal measures like any closing track should.


Rubicon Cross has produced a great rock album that is packed with great guitar and memorable melodies – it’s an album you will want to hear…  



by Mark Diggins