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MARCH 14 2014



Art Rockers RPWL aren’t afraid to take on weighty subject matter, last time out delving into the mind of Nietzsche with ‘Beyond Man and Time’. This time out they up the ante to consider ‘the ultimate liberation of the spirit’ from the writings of Guiseppe Garibaldi and his diaries on Hippocrates’ revelation that he had found the formula to a medicine that would lead the spirit into a real and absolute world! My question to you is both as the band ask ‘Is the World ready for that’ and ‘is that weighty enough material for you’?


Using a complex back story as the basis of their material, and I’ll quote directly from the press here!


“RPWL and their friends aim at granting the world access to the product of the secret formula – disguised as ahomeopathic drug against mental fatigue that goes by the name of “Veritas Forte.” Considering the true intention of the operation the fact that the wrath of the churches of the world religions is unleashed at the band rather sooner than later is understood. And so, consequently, they are forced to go underground. That, however, is where RPWL continues to organize ultimate liberation from all oppression through the machineries of illusion run by religions and sects. RPWL are Wanted. The action of Wanted starts several days before the great day: Plato’s Day. The enemy’s fear is ever-growing, as, after all nobody knows at what point the mirages and illusions are eradicated from people’s minds once and for all. In the course of the record RPWL shift through ten varied songs full of breathtaking soundscapes and tell a compelling story of courage, doubt, bravery, the unconditional desire to never give in and, ultimately, the belief in what is right.” – Confused?


If anything I think that takes ‘concept album’ to a new level. Musically RPWL is an experienced band of tight players with a lot of experience under their collective belts and the ride they take you on through ‘Wanted’ is one that will both intrigue and inspire. Starting off with ‘Revelation’ and its electronic patterns,  a cutting riff edges through the impersonality of the repeated refrain, adds voices and  drums before a driving almost tribal-industrial beat holds sway.  That is in turn replaced by a more tranquil segment which eventually fades with approaching footsteps that lead into ‘Swords and Guns’ that finally adds vocals, the backing adding the refrain and message and the lead exploring and expanding, during the eight minute length which has echoes of Floyd.


Of course an album like this deserves an uninterrupted hearing, but where it hits home is in the arrangements, great use of vocals, powerful riffs and wonderfully melodic and almost ‘vocal’ keys. If you need a track to make a decision then ‘Hide and Seek’ is the one that really stands alone: balancing beautifully light acoustic passages with real power. Both the funky and uplifting ‘Perfect Day’ and ‘A New Dawn’ though also rise above. If you crave Prog to be essential again then RPWL is where you should be looking.

‘Wanted’ will also be released as double vinyl as well as a limited edition in additional 5.1-surround-sound.



by Mark Diggins