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APRIL 28 2014



It’s a lifetime since Prong’s first EP back in 1987 and over the years the band has put out so many classics from including ‘Prove You Wrong’, (1991) ‘Cleansing’ (1994) and ‘Rude Awakening’ (1996); along the way of course there has been so much more and the band has inspired countless others including Korn, Slipknot and Nine Inch Nails. Not a bad list of bands to help set sail at all.

‘Ruining Lives’ comes after the impressive 2012 release ‘Carved Into Stone’  and proves that bands ‘of a certain age’ can still be compelling and relevant. This is a vintage of Prong that manages to stay true to the roots of the band whilst reinventing themselves somewhat and you now what? It still matters.

‘Ruining Lives’ has certainly set up some big expectations with the band talking it up and it certainly starts out strongly with ‘Turnover’ leading the assault with a huge riff before the album throws you head first into what it turns out is part Metal, part Punk, part Thrash, part Industrial while still being progressive and casting an eye backwards to the bands own back-catalogue.  

Particularly for us at least there’s more than a trace of 1994’s ‘Cleansing’ in here. Add to that the old school feel of ‘The Barrier’; the immediate groove-laden ‘Remove Separate Self’; the far heavier title track; and the off-kilter but strangely addictive ‘Come To Realize’ and you have a winner. Vocally the album is interesting too with overall far more prominence given to the voice; it’s something that works within the melodies but also something of a departure for the band.

Is it better than ‘Carved in Stone’? We’d say so particularly if what you like about Prong is the variety they pack into the musical journey.  


2.The Barriers
3.Windows Shut
4.Remove, Separate Self
5.Ruining Lives
6.Absence Of Light
7.The Book Of Change
8.Self Will Run Riot
9.Come To Realize
10.Chamber Of Thought
11.Limitations And Validations
12.Retreat (Bonus Track) 



by Mark Diggins