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FEBRUARY 14 2014



Release dates: EU – January 23rd 2015 | NA – January 27th 2015
Tracklisting:  Rock And Roll Susie; Gettin’ Betta; Crash And Burn; Heat In The Street; Josephine; I’ve Got News For You; Ask Me Baby; I La, La, La Love You; Lone Wolf (Kirk solo) / Red House; If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day; Spoonful; Black Betty.

Pat Travers was one of those artists I had heard of yet rarely heard when I was growing up, but in those pre-internet days when you relied on the weekly music papers for opinion and never got to hear anything remotely ‘Rock’ on mainstream radio actually buying an album was a huge financial risk! In those days ‘Live’ albums fitted a gap for hesitant purchasers as they were bound to bring together all the best material from studio outings and add a little more fire if you were lucky. I remember finally taking the plunge shelling out a couple of quid for Travers’ “Live! Go For What You Know’ in 1979 and I was not disappointed. Live Travers has always been more than the sum of his studio albums.

Here we’re on a smaller stage and its 36 years later, but some things never change: Travers still sounds sweet live.  Sadly there are only two songs in the Iridium set that were on that seminal 1979 release, namely ‘Getting’ Betta’ and ‘Heat in the Street’ though both are great here. It may be over 30 years since his biggest releases: "Makin’ Magic" and "Crash And Burn" but listening to this you realise that Travers is one of those often overlooked gems that is still with us and still delivering the gods.

None of the musicians that were there in 1979 are with us either – Tommy Aldridge is back with Whitesnake,  Pat Thrall I lost track of years ago, and Mars Cowling is retired and living in the Florida sunshine. I think they’d love what Pat and Co deliver here too. Recorded over two nights in 2012 at New York’s Iridium Club – Live at the Iridium sounds great.

The tracklist pretty much covers all the highlights of Traver’s career from hard rocking originals like opener ‘Rock And Roll Suzie’ to the closing three covers Robert Johnson’s ‘If I had Possession over Judgement Day’; Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘Spoonful’ (though written by Willie Dixon) and Lead Belly’s ‘Black Betty’. Throughout the enjoyment that is infectious, both on stage and off, what Travers delivers and always has is a damn good night of hard rocking blues-based tunes. (The only disappointment is the lack of ‘Makin’ Magic’, but I can live with that after all these years!)  

In 2012 Pat Travers Band made a comeback with a new line-up  and a new record “Can Do”, and the year after he released a Live CD/DVD Live at the Bamboo Room – a longer set and  a guest appearance by Mars Cowling. If I had to choose then I’d probably plump for that package

Pat Travers: Guitar, Vocals
Kirk McKim: Guitar, Vocals
Rodney O’Quinn: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Sandy Gennaro: Drums
Jon Paris guest on “Blues Harp” on “If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day” and “Spoonful”.



by Mark Rockpit