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Up and coming Perth-based metal outfit Nucleust are about to release their first studio recording, a 4 track EP titled "Fractured Equilibrium" which pretty much sums up the style of music this band has created. After seeing them perform these songs live several times, it's another experience to hear these songs recorded in the studio.


The EP starts with an accoustic guitar intro that would not be completely alien on a classical album before "Pandemonium" kicks in with a bang. A fractured song that clocks in at an average 4:58 minutes (all songs clock in around this length), there is a lot going on here that could have easily been stretched out to twice the length on a typical progressive rock album but the band keep it tight and in the ballpark all the way through. The song is a slower Meshuggah type beat that picks up moments of speed but the coolest part of it all is the little details that are thrown in like the "widdly" guitar sounds here and there. Certaintly the heaviest song on the album and one that shows one side of the band. "Whisper" is a little more progressive and has a somewhat subtle but clear middle eastern feel and could be considered the strongest track on the EP. Guitarist Max Palizban is featured with some melodic vocals parts that contrast with the heavier, harsher styles of Shannon Marston who has the perfect vocal style for this kind of music. The ending is killer with a big bass boom from Josh Fox announcing a final breakdown to end the song. The title track "Fractured Equilibrium" has got to be my favorite song though. With it's Lamb Of God-ish guitar riff, it's heavier on the groove aspect than the previous tracks and could potentially be the entrance track to any potential fans for the band. It's a little more simplistic in terms of song structure but by no means a simple straightforward song. The final song "Dazzle The Shadow Priest" is another fantastic track with a strong melodic groove to it. For anyone that digs melodic tech death metal band Revocation, then you will probably love this song with it's catchy riff and melodies. The EP ends with a classical outro that ties up what was started at the beginning.


"Fractured Equilibrium" is a great debut EP, a strong release that is heavy, melodic and has a great sound. Production-wise it's crystal clear which is what you want, the drum tracks performed by Shay William Graham Smith a noteworthy mention as it's actually audible and clear which is not always the case in a lot of metal debut releases. Originality is certaintly key to any successful band and I think Nucleust are in the right direction in that area. Some could say there is a strong Meshuggah sound from this band but if you look beyond the obvious, there is so much more going on that really opens up a lot of different styles but in a very fluid way. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with not sticking to one style which makes Nucleust a band with a lot of potential.



by Andrew Schizodeluxe