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JULY 11 2014



Welcome to ‘Night by Night’ A real rock band, just the way they used to make them, with a solid foundation of great riffs and soaring vocal harmonies. Hailing from the UK, the band which features Ben Christo (Sisters of Mercy) and Henry Rundell (ex Voodoo 6) quite simply take classic Melodic Rock and drag it into the modern day without sacrificing its essence.


With a sound that melds modern rock sensibilities with the melodic leanings of bands like Firehouse and Def Leppard the thing that most strikes you about ‘NxN’ is how consistently great the songs are. The band takes its previous EPs and adds as many brand new songs to create what is an album you’ll find hard to turn off.


Knowing where to start the review after a few listens seems rather irrelevant as everything here is worthy of your attention from opener ‘Time to Escape’ to the burning closer ‘Never Say Die’. If you could level one criticism at the album is that it is all rather one-paced, and aside from mid-paced tracks like the simmering ‘Everywhere Tonight’ and ‘Siren’ it’s all rather up-tempo. You know damn well by the quality of the songs that these guys have a slow ballad in them – but hey – kudos for not conforming to the stereotype!


Amongst our picks is the wonderful ‘A Thousand Lies’ it’s the perfect storm: driving melodies, great vocals, perfect guitar and enough modern sheen to appeal to everyone. ‘Siren’ is up there too, with its crunchy riff and brooding feel before the huge melodies kick in.


Later ‘It’s Not Faith’ has probably the most soulful vocal and really layers on the Def Leppard comparisons in the chorus. Whilst ‘The Moment’ starts off slower than most here before the incendiary riff kicks in and the song bursts into life, in an album of such consistent quality it’s hard to pick favourites but if I did this would be it: the melodies that Harry Hess’ Harem Scarem did so well yet somehow more modern, it’s a great song.


We do get one slower moment to end the album, but its brief as  ‘Never Die Again’ may start with a languid strum and delicate vocal before it too bursts into life to end a high energy album on yet another high.


This is a high class album by a great Modern Melodic Rock band and judging by the songs here there’s a lot of good things coming their way…



by Mark Rockpit