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MAY 20 2014



01 – Jupiter (Intro)
02 – Rock And Roll Queen
03 – One Of The Boys
04 – The Moon Upstairs
05 – Hymn For The Dudes
06 – Sucker
07 – Soft Ground
08 – Waterlow
09 – Born Late ’58
10 – You Really Got Me – Death May Be Your Santa Claus
11 – Ballad Of Mott The Hoople

01 – Walking With a Mountain
02 – Violence
03 – The Journey
04 – Honaloochie Boogie
05 – The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll
06 – All the Way from Memphis
07 – All the Young Dudes
08 – Roll Away the Stone
09 – Saturday Gigs

Some bands from the Seventies cast a long shadow and perhaps in the heart of fans none are much longer than Mott the Hoople’s - whose ‘Greatest Hits’ was one of the first albums I found in my Dad’s collection that I just couldn’t stop playing and led me to discover the albums at second hand shops around the country. Their music has stayed with me all my life and one of my greatest musical regrets is that I was unable to get back to the UK to see the 2013 reunion shows. The next best thing I guess is this – a 2CD, 1 DVD package of the Manchester show.


Unlike the 2009 reunion this recording has not come straight from the soundboard, but rather has been professionally mixed and as such the sound really is exceptional. Add to that the fact that the band sound slicker and more rehearsed and a DVD with multiple cameras as an added incentive and you have the complete package.


With music from the band’s first five albums the setlist is pretty flawless too and the cast of original members is as complete as it could be under the circumstances, missing only an ill Buffin but bringing Ralphs, Allen and the rest of the crew together again.  


If anyone out there still hasn’t seen this great band and is curious this isn’t a bad place at all to start. The guys may be old and grey and a few voices past their best but Hunter has the energy of a man half his age and musically Mott are tight as can be.


As someone who grew up listening to the hits CD2 from ‘Honaloochie Boogie’ to the closing strains of ‘Saturday Gigs’ is as good as music gets. If there is a gripe at all with the release the packaging could have offered a little more for fans, but really that’s like picking fault for the sake of it. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time round and who knows maybe we will even see another studio record one day? Well we can dream…



by Mark Rockpit