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NOVEMBER 14 2014



‘Milking the Stars’is a “re-imagined” version of ‘Last Patrol’, Monster Magnet’s 9th release from last Octoberfeaturing four new songs and live tracks. So if like us you loved ‘Last Patrol’ then this new project was always going to be a welcome experiment, an opportunity to get into Dave Wyndorf’s mind and see where the line is drawn between simply reworking a project and ‘re-imagining’ it.


The first thing I did when I got my hands on it was scan the tracklisting to make sure my favourites from ‘Last Patrol’ had made the grade


‘Let the Circus Burn’ which begins the new album starts with a swirling vaguely eastern psychedelic soup of keys, guitars, bass and relentless drums, before falling back to breathe three and a half minutes in before rising again. In truth it sounds like the soundscape Dave was painting for us live on stage when Monster Magnet visited Australia back in April (I’ll have to ask him!). It’s an unusual choice of opener too being completely instrumental and weighing in at over seven minutes long. Something tells us this is going to be a trip…


One of the Key tracks on Last Patrol: ‘Mindless Ones’ comes next with the added suffix ‘68’ and it is what it says on the tin, ‘Mindless Ones’ as if it had been recorded in 1968 with keys turned to ten.It works well, sounds great and while the take and approach is different the soul of the song remains intact. It’s different on ‘No Paradise For Me’ – ‘Paradise’ was one of my personal favourites on Last Patrol, all understated and slightly unnerving, here it’s only a trace that remains until almost five minutes in when the original lyrics creep in just before the end. You have to give Dave the credit where it’s due – this isn’t just a tidy remix project. And while ‘No Paradise For Me’ has its charm, I’ll stick with my ‘Paradise’ from Last Patrol.


When it works it works well though and ‘The Duke’ benefits greatly from its “full on drums and Wah”. Similarly the introduction of acoustic guitar and fuzzy swampy rhythms to ‘Hallelujah’ sound good to these ears.  ‘I Live Behind the Clouds’ though probably works best of all sonically.


In truth it’s all rather impressive and  with the addition of new songs like the title track which decends into a trance-like psychedelic swirl and ‘Goliath Returns’ which simmers and burns - it’s an experiment that has paid off and dare we say it bears repeating maybe with more aged material?


The album also includes ‘live’ takes on both “Last Patrol” and “Three Kingfishers” from the AB club in Belgium, 2014: and live they have far more crunch that the album versions had originally.

Release Dates:
G/A/S, FIN & BENELUX: 14.11.2014          
UK &EUROPE: 10.11.2014
US/CAN: 18.11.2014
NOR/SWE/ESP: 19.11.2014   




by Mark Rockpit