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MARCH 26 2015



Melbourne’s Mammoth Mammoth sound huge. Right from the crash of ‘Life’s a Bitch’ the punk attitude and ferocity have you reaching for names like Motorhead and a host of early punk luminaries. And whilst many will be labelling these guys ‘Heavy Stoner’ or something similar to these ears there’s much more of a vibe of bands like ‘The Almighty’, ‘Zodiac Mindwarp’  or an alternate Universe that saw the birth of a punk-fuelled AC/DC: single ‘Lookin’ Down the Barrel’ (great video) certainly seems to suggest that’s not far from the mark.

Sure ‘Electric Sunshine’ has more of a Stoner vibe but channelled via MC5 and Blue Cheer rather than Kyuss or Fu Manchu, and that’s the beauty here – this is just straight forward Rock and Roll with heaps of attitude and tons of life. Indeed ‘Fuel Injected’ could be a song by ‘The Almighty’ with lyrics via ‘Zodiac Mindwarp’ just to underline that previous feel. Don’t go looking for huge solos or complicated chord patterns – this is stripped raw and all the better for it.

The deeper you dig the more you want to see these guys live! ‘Black Dog’ is another storming track with an old school Metal riff leading the way: the invitation to bang that head is irresistible. After an unremarkable Stoner sidestep into ‘Promised Land’, ‘Reign Supreme’ is even better: uncompromising it takes no prisoners and is a perfect introduction to the immediacy and power of the band.

Closing out the album the heavy groove of ‘Sick (Of Being Sick)’ hits the spot, and title track ‘Hammered Gain’ has a crunch and swagger you’ll love.  Where Mammoth Mammoth do distinctly Stoner though is where they fall away somewhat: closing track ‘High as a Kite’ clocks in at almost ten minutes and is the antithesis of the Biker Rock we started out with. There’s little context here for such a song and the slow doomy pace takes us out on a low that if, like us, this is your introduction to the band it has you wondering if this is a relic from the past or a sign of things to come? We hope it’s the former. 

"Volume IV - Hammered again" is the music for that party you were too scared to go to. The welcome rebirth of Biker Rock? Bring it on…



by Mark Rockpit