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Legs Electric Legs Electric EP Review 2014




MAY 17 2014



As lead singer Ama Quinsee tells me before the EP launch, this is pretty much the culmination of three years hard work for this Western Australian all-girl kick ass Rock and Roll band. And boy does this EP kick ass! Firing out of the gates with the powerful ‘Illicit Love’ these five tracks are all killer and the best way to introduce the band outside of seeing them live (which we have done half a dozen times now). 


What Legs Electric do is on one level simple – no nonsense Hard Rock and Roll with the sheen and excitement of the eighties and the power and soul of the seventies, all brought up to date in a package made to stand out from the crowd. The quality of both musicianship and performance here though is just simply on another level. You don’t find vocals with the power and soul of Quinsee’s too often and when you combine that with the inspired guitar of Laura McCormack and the precision of the rhythm section, it’s breathtaking.


What strikes you most immediately about the EP is that these ladies know how to write a great song and opener ‘Illicit Love’ may just be their best at this early stage – it’s a song that has a distinct Led Zeppelin groove and 70s Hard Rock flavour to it, and is the track that best shows off the combined power of the band, highlighted by those stunning vocals.  


‘Trigger’ the live favourite that follows adds a lighter touch and some great harmonies with a refrain that just seems to stick in your head and some fie guitar. ‘Temporary Road’ adds a touch of soul in the vocal and an insistent descending riff and it’s probably the song that’s grown on us most since first spinning the EP: another fine slab of rock.


‘Black Magic’ is certainly one of our highpoints on an EP that sets the bar high, it’s a song that brings a blusesy flavour to the guitar and some wonderful soloing all on the back of a driving rhythm section that doesn’t falter and drives the song forward unerringly. It’s one of the songs that played live will absolutely convince you. Closing track ‘She’s Like a Saint’ manages to both add a little touch of Metal in a riff that gets straight to the point whilst the vocal and backing vocals push you back into the soft covers. It’s a song that simply envelops you and of course like all the best things in life you want more almost immediately!


If you think girls don’t rock as hard and as well as the guys do think again – this EP has more balls than most of the releases you’ll hear this year. Emblazoned across the front of the EP is Legs Electric’s tagline ‘Maximum Rock and Roll’ nothing more needs to be said.



by Mark Diggins


Legs Electric Legs Electric EP Review 2014