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MARCH 21 2014



Tracklisting: Our Love To Stay; Livin’ 4 A Dream; I Can Take You There; Never Surrender; Almost Over You; Shadow Of A Man; Universal Cry; To Be Your Man; Down To The Core; I Will Find My Way; Waiting For Love; Not One Way To Give.


New from Frontiers L.R.S. is a band that certainly has pedigree reintroducing, as it does, the mighty fine voice of 21 Guns’ Tommy La Verdi and also featuring Michael Shotton from Rockpit favourites Von Groove (Check them out!) and Josh Ramos from The Storm and Hardline. Add to that one of Melodic Rock’s finest producers in Alessandro Del Vecchio and surely you cannot go wrong!


What you get is some of the finest 80’s tinged Journey/The Storm flavoured Melodic Rock you are likely to hear outside of those bands and it all starts instantly with opening track ‘Our Love to Stay’ which builds beautifully on drums and guitar to soar into the clear sky once the vocals kick in. It’s so good, so much more than you could imagine and it maintains that Melodic power throughout.


It seems almost a shame to play favourites but when you hear tracks like the piano led: ‘Livin’ For a Dream’ which has all the urgency and power you want in a Melodic Rocker and a great chorus to boot; and title track ‘Down to the Core’ that has just as much going for it in the ‘Melodic Rocker’ stakes it’s hard not to instantly mark them for repeat.


This is an album of real quality and depth though with a couple of memorable anthems in both closer ‘Not One Way to Give’ and the wonderful and inspirational ‘Never Surrender’ showing enough dynamics and touch to make you wonder where a band like this could take things.


Our favourites though are perhaps the gentle, rising melodies and killer guitar of ‘Universal Cry’ and the real show-stopping ballad ‘Almost Over You’ that simply melts!


If you are looking for an immediate answer to where the hell can you catch these guys then the band is already scheduled to play MelodicrockFest 2014 in Chicago and has announced that more shows are being confirmed, including in Europe


If it’s the songs that matters most, LRS has them in spades. You will love this.


LRS is:
Tommy La Verdi - lead vocals
Josh Ramos - guitars
Michael Shotton – drums, backing vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio keyboards, hammond organ, backing vocals
Nicola Mazzucconi bass, fretless bass
Anna Portalupi bass, fretless bass
Jamie Browne bass



by Mark Diggins