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TBC - 2014



There have been so many releases going by the name ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’ in the past twelve months you wonder when the next is going to land and here it is ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’ by Lovebite…


Lovebite hails from Birmingham, UK and are unashamedly 80’s-style sleaze, and if that is your tipple of choice then they are a band you should get to know.  ‘No Turning Back/Sin City’ is a rea sing-along stomp through 1987 Sunset Strip with an unashamed Motley-channelling vocal, and despite a lot of Motleyesque soundbytes throughout there’s a lot more going on here and all through the album you get spikes of bands you loved back in the day from Poison to Roxx Gang.


Best of all on Lock ‘N’ Load though is the sheer quality and feel for the material: ‘Breaking the Rules’ that follows to opener  is more melodic track but still wears plenty of attitude; whilst ‘Love-Hate’ starts with a stabbing Metal riff and Ratt-like roll. ‘Hey Baby’ of course had to add the Poison stripped-bare ballad, which manages to rise and build to a really satisfying crescendo as good as any big ballad back in the day.


This is an album where no matter which way you turn you can’t help but fall over the quality tracks.  It’s a sumptuous sleazy cocktail of sin and sex, lipstick and leather – music that you can feel you hair thickening and volumising as you listen!


Up there with the best are tracks like ‘Gonna Love You Anyway’ which is brimming with attitude; the swagger and thrust of the title track ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’ which again rides more melodic ground; and the bass-driven grind of ‘Striptease’.  Perhaps best of all though for us are the raw emotion of  ‘Mr Lonely’; power-ballads ‘Can’t Fight Your Love’ and  ‘Hey Baby’ and that classic stomp of opener ‘Sin City’.


For my money Lovebite is one of the best bands I’ve heard over the last ten years to really understand and capture what made the Sleaze Glam at the end of the eighties such a special place to be. I’m impressed.



Jonny Sparks - Lead vocals, guitars
Tryx - Lead guitars, backing vocals
KC Valentine - Bass guitars, backing vocals
Mikey Toye - Drums, percussion



by Mark Diggins