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Sunset Strip Style Sleaze from Down-Under...




Love Cream First came to our attention when they released the wonderful ‘Spend the Night Together’ single last year giving us a taste of vintage Sunset Strip from the steamy streets of dark and dirty Adelaide. Here we finally get our wish – a full length outing from the guys – and despite featuring the four tracks from that single they still sound great and the new six we get are just as good.

Starting with the storming ‘Open For Business’ the tale of a ‘vendor of love’ it’s clear to hear the band has neither lost their sense of humour, their love of cheesy lyrics, nor their complete and refreshing ignorance of the concept of ‘political correctness’.

If you want a band that captures the  best of eighties rock: from the sleaze of early Gunners to the good time glam and big choruses of bands like Poison and a aband that also knows how to construct a song you can sing your hearts out to – with that essential Stadium Rock chorus – here they are. 

Like we said when the single hit ‘Spend the Night Together’ is still one of the best fist-pumping sleazy singles we’ve heard recently, but here there’s so much more. ‘Back Door Lover’ takes eighties Kiss and brings it up to date; ‘Woman (I’m Gay For Your Love)’ takes Great White’s ‘Rock Me’ and then delivers a Darkness-worthy lyric; and even hard rocking ‘Love Train’ seems solid first time has grown in stature. They do ballads well to with ‘Sweet May’ hitting a sweet spot of relative seriousness you weren’t sure they had in them, but they obviously can play it straight when they want to.

There’s nothing quite like Love Cream here or overseas, they just ‘do’ this kind of music so well. If it was the tail end of the eighties these guys would be huge, and if ever this type of music hits the mainstream again these guys will be high on that hill.

I love this kind of music and was lucky enough to witness it first time around – these guys are up there with the best of the first wave.  Now where do we catch them live?

Love Cream is:
Vinnie Dynamo - Lead Vocals
Mick Gallo - Drums, Vocals
Phil J. Parker - Bass Guitar
Nick Robinson - Lead Guitar


by Mark Diggins