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Kreator and Death Angel Perth Capitol April 2014




APRIL 20 2014

When two legendary bands come together for a tour, it's always something special but when you get a rarity like Death Angel and Kreator, at least for Australia, together on the same night, you know it's going to be one hell of a show! Easter Sunday was the final show on the Australian tour and we certaintly got our money's worth from the two thrashers who showed why they earned their legendary reputations.

No openers for the Perth leg of the tour so Death Angel were set to open only half an hour after doors opened. Expecting a huge line and a packed crowd by opening time, I was quite surprised to see virtually noone inside when I got in, even rail spots at the front were available so I took my spot and settled in for the ride. Death Angel came out to a very laid back crowd, who by this time had started to fill the venue out, and set out to destroy the crowd by the end of their set. These bay area thrashers have been around for 30 years and the experience showed onstage, displaying a raw and intense show that was also slick as a well oiled machine. Opening with a couple of tracks from their brilliant new album "The Dream Calls For Blood" which I considered to be the best album of 2013, the band showed that the band were not slowing down anytime soon in their longevity. "Left For Dead" was a great opener not just on the album but at the live show but when "Evil Priest" was busted out, the crowd went into overdrive mode and the moshpit broke out.

The band sounded amazing, Rob Cavestany on guitar ripping out solos one by one while still maintaining some truly thrashing rhythm parts that is mindblowingly good. Ted Aguilar on the other side on guitar also throwing down some mighty riffs that was really the backbone of the band's sound, riff after riff streaming through the senses of everyone in the melting pot that was the Perth crowd. Vocalist Mark Osegueda also sounded amazing, having not lost his touch on vocals after all these years. In fact I would go as far as saying he sounds better live than on album, his intensity and passion clearly felt and seen on stage. His numerous remarks through-out the night regarding the struggles and rough times the band had recently gone through in the lead up to their latest album a sign that the band were feeling better than ever and that this was a new beginning. Hard to imagine a new beginning considering how long in the game these guys have been in but seeing them on stage and giving it their 100% and more was proof of that. The two new guys, drummer Will Carroll who probably had one of the hardest jobs on the night, laying down some truly speedy drum work and Damien Sisson on bass were perfect fit for this band and probably one of the more positive things that has happened to this band in the last few years.

The setlist continued on with a heavy mix of later material as well as the new songs off "The Dream Calls For Blood" but the band did put out some old school songs like "Mistress Of Pain" off their now legendary debut "The Ultra-Violence" which was a real treat to see but the band relied mostly on later material which showed that the band are truly proud of what they have achieved since their return from hiatus more than a decade ago. And so they should be, Death Angel aren't just a relic from the past like many of their fellow peers from the golden age of thrash, this band is here to stay and will continue pummelling crowds the world over.

German thrashers Kreator were up next and if you thought Death Angel was enough to satisfy the crowd at this point, the moshpit certaintly didn't show that as the crowd went into a frenzy once Kreator hit their stride a couple of songs into the show. Like Death Angel, Kreator opened with a couple of songs from their latest album "Phantom Antichrist" including the title track but it was "Warcurse" off the previous album "Hordes Of Chaos" that the pit went crazy and it never really let up after that point. The band continued to go through an extensive back catalogue, from "Endless Pain" up to their latest, the contrast between the older material and later albums significant enough to notice but not wide enough for the material to not gel together. Whether it was "Pleasure To Kill" or "Enemy Of God", the songs were all brilliantly working together and the band knew that, selecting the best songs from the band's work and appeasing even the most diehard fans.

Frontman Mille Petrozza still doing his thing fronting one of the greatest thrash bands in the world, his voice still the same, the guitar tones no different than on the album. What you see is what you get and the rest of the band also showcasing their well earned reputation as one of the best in the business. Guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö makes it look easy despite the intricate riffs in the songs, casually strolling around on stage while belting out some brutal music, solos switching between himself and Mille at times while the rest of the band chugged away at the classics. The one thing that I liked about what both bands did on this tour was that they did not rely heavily on just the old material, knowing full well that a lot of fans came to see those classics. Instead the band's played a lot of newer material, Kreator in particular performing a vast range of material even if a lot of the 90's stuff was missed.

Kreator ended the night with the perfect closer "Flag Of Hate", Mille coming out onstage beforehand with the Kreator flag of hate and waving it around, getting the crowd even more riled up and ready for the final song. It was one of the greatest nights of thrash metal we will probably ever get to see, two of the finest coming together and blasting what is in my opinion the greatest form of music there ever is.


by Andrew Schizodeluxe | Photos by Mark Diggins April 2014



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