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JULY 8 2014



Any band that places a track of such epic proportions as ‘My Sinners’ first up on their album deserves a huge pat on the back for their balls of Steel. To follow it up with the driving melodies of ‘Last Second’ make Kruk a band you NEED to listen to.


I don’t know much about Polish Rock but if Kruk is a representation of what that country has to offer we should all be saving up for a visit. Musically this album is sumptuous: sizzling guitars, solid as a rock backline, great keys that stab at the heart of the songs and some very cool, passionate vocals by new vocalist Roman Kantoch.


This is Classic Rock but not in the sense that it sounds like Rainbow, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Uriah Heep: it’s Classic Rock made by a band of musicians who simply make timeless rock music heavy on dynamics and guitars.  


If you love the crunch of fretboard and keyboard then you won’t hear much better than ‘My Sinners’; ‘Once’ or ‘Greenleaf’ this year and when you add that to the opener ‘Open Road; you already have a memorable album that can’t help you think of that Blackmore Lord interplay.


That of course was never going to be the whole story and it’s far from it – the Bluesy ‘Wings of Dreams’ soars, and the big ballad ‘Farewell’ is stunning. Our favourite though (and it’s a tough call) at the moment may just be ‘My Morning Star’ which has a more up-tempo rock solid groove that almost takes us into 80’s arena rock territory.   


As a bonus the two main tracks from the album ‘Farewell’ and ‘Grey Leaf’ are also included sung in Polish (which seems to be a recurring theme for Kruk). Even better an added DVD shows the current line-up of Kruk live in concert earlier in the year. It is exceptional and  with the likes of ‘Rising Anger’ and ‘Kameleon’ from previous releases it just shows you a glimpse of how good that back catalogue must be.


Kruk is the sort of band you could listen to for hours, the sort of band you could get entranced by live.  A damn fine Rock band you really need to listen to… and to think this is their fourth release – I have some catching up to do…



by Mark Rockpit